What Happened Between Cardi B and Akbar V? Recent Twitter Battle Explained

Recently the fans came to know about the ugly side of Twitter. This happened when Cardi B and the rapper Akbar V were seen taking shots at each other. They were having lengthy back and forth on social media.


How did the fight start Between Cardi B and Akbar V?

Recently, Cardi B’s remix with Gorilla ‘Tomorrow 2’ was released last week. Due to this, she got a huge number of views and followers. Akbar V, however, started this bickering with Cardi B on September 25 and stated that she doubted these huge numbers and the success of this track. It was also implied that these numbers might be fake.

The full battle Between Cardi B and Akb ar V


Akbar V, referring to the page that is a trusted source for streaming numbers, said, “If @chartdata ain’t say it we ain’t believing the CAP …,”

Cardi B responded to her post several hours later by saying, “Count all the times chart data posed u.” In a follow up post she added, “I don’t really like the internet games …My dms is open and also the streets!”

Cardi B even went so far as to share Akbar V’s phone number someone provided her with on Twitter. Meanwhile, Akbar V got angry and said, “Who gave this ho Cardi B my number … gotta be one of y’all weird ass hoes?”

Cardi revealed that she personally contacted Akbar V. She said,“I don’t gotta @ I can change a bitch life just by a mention. “AND YES I HIT THEM DIRECTLY ,I don’t do the internet!!”, she further added.

Cardi further asked Akbar why she decided to come to twitter after they spoke over text and a phone call. She commented, “Been subtweeting me for months and now you wanna make it about another woman as a shield. Stand on your shit!!!”.

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Dragging kids into the argument

The beef intensified when Cardi B said that she knew how to take care of her children and accused Akbar of neglecting the kids. Akbar then accused Cardi of “selling it to any man that ran up on u” before she was famous. Cardi responded with an extremely derogatory comment.

“See the difference between me and u I had n***as wanting to put babies in me while I was in the jungle but I said to myself I won’t put my kids in the same hoodies I was raised in let alone ABANDONED THEM”.


Akbar V lost her patience and she accused Cardi of not writing her own music. Meanwhile, Cardi replied, “I’m about to do something you never do… pick my kid up from school”. She added, “You got 20 minutes to talk your shit ’cause after that my attention goes to my kids the whole day.”

The back and forth between them continued for a long time after which both the artists got tired. Cardi put an end to the beef by thanking the fans for the support of “Tomorrow 2” in a video.


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