What Happened to Karl Tremblay of the Cowboys Fringants as He Temporarily Leaves The Stage at The Festival de Lévis?

When Cowboys Fringants’ Karl Tremblay made his sad announcement, he mentioned that he would continue to perform as long as his health allowed. He kept his word.

This Sunday, the Repentigny team took to the Loto-Québec stage at the Festival de Lévis with the same enthusiasm to which they have accustomed us for 25 years. If Karl Tremblay were less frantic on.

Even though the weather forecast was not favourable, loyal Cowboys Fringants fans showed up and sang the lyrics at the top of their lungs. The public also offered a very sweet moment by playing the choristers on the moving “On my shoulder”.

Immediately after the performance of this piece, Karl promptly left the stage, stating that he had to go to the bathroom. As he did not return, all the spectators were, of course, worried. Marie-Annick Lépine brilliantly took up the torch by singing “Quand tu parties” from the album Sur un air de déjà vu.

Later on Instagram Karl Tremblay announces on Instagram that he has cancer.

Once she had finished her song, when she was now alone on stage, she cried out, “Come back, honey!” “.


“It’s my new staging, I’m leaving for a while and it allows them to make songs,” he said when he returned, accompanied by the other musicians. He didn’t mention that startling (and disturbing) stage exit again from the rest of the show.


Songs played by the band and Karl Tremblay

The band played many of their most famous songs, including “The Demonstration”, “America Is Crying”, “The Shack at Hector’s”, and “As Long as We Have Love”. For the formidable “Marine Marchande”, also very popular, Les Cowboys Fringants invited Sara Dufour, who provided one of the first parts of the evening, to go on stage to interpret the female portion of the boosted duo.

Karl Tremblay

At the encore, Karl Tremblay returned with his guitar to perform “Pub Royal”, in all simplicity. Then, to close the evening, the group sang the ballad “The Shooting Stars” under a shower of phone lights.

Les Cowboys Fringants gave us a party that lived up to their reputation, even if what the singer is currently experiencing inevitably deposits an additional melancholy on their music (and causes us to worry when he leaves 5 minutes to go “pee” in the full middle of a show).

Karl Tremblay
Karl Tremblay (Credit: Getty Images)

The group is solid on the boards and demonstrates it with the exciting Bosco Stomp, where the multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Painchaud had a blast on the electric guitar. Salebarbes is delivered in a very dynamic way, with pleasure and aplomb. It works.


A month and a few weeks after its passage on the Plains, for the national holiday, the friendly Acadian formation has once again demonstrated that it is firmly establishing itself in the musical landscape.

People know the parts and react. This was the case during Gin à l’eau salée, Les Beans, where the violin lines of Éloi Painchaud and Georges Belliveau intersected, and Good Lord.

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list of songs performed by Les Cowboys Fringants this Sunday, August 7 at the Festival de Lévis:

  • Les Maisons Toutes Bareilles
  • Bye Bye Lou
  • Ti-Cul
  • La Reine
  • October
  • Droit Devant
  • La manifestation
  • 8 secondes
  • Plus rien
  • Sur mon épaule
  • L’Amérique pleure
  • Le shack chez Hector
  • Marine Marchande
  • Joyeux calvaire
  • Tant qu’on aura de l’amour
  • Pub Royal
  • Les étoiles filantes

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