What is The Meaning of “Therese” as Maya Hawke Drops a Video for Her New Song?

Maya Hawke, star of Stranger Things, has released a new music video for her song “Therese” which is delightfully gloomy. The video warns against containing NSFW content.


Meaning of Therese

According to Name Berry, the Germanic name Therese is for girls. Its meaning is “to gather, reap.”

The “most religious form of this name, now falling from use,” it adds, is the “most religious form of this name.”

The Bump claims that the name is likewise Greek in origin. It means “Late summer”.

The tone of Maya’s music and the categorization video suggest that the German meaning of the song’s title was specifically chosen for the music.

Maya Hawke in Stranger Things
Maya Hawke in Stranger Things (From: Netflix)

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More about Therese

In a conversation with Dazed, Hawke described the main idea of the music video for “Therese” as “the feeling that loneliness is the worst thing until you realize it’s far superior to a bad company. It talks about how free we are as kids and then as we go through puberty and culture crushes down on us instead of being ourselves. We start to try and be like everyone else.”


The song is the lead single from Hawke’s forthcoming studio album Moss. September 23 is the date of its release.

“‘Thérèse’ is about the secret spaces we build where we are free to be ourselves, in a world that is always intentionally or systematically misunderstanding us,”

Hawke said in a statement per IndieWire.

More about Maya Hawke’s new video

Brady Cobert directed the song video. Cobert had previously starred in the 2004 movie Mysterious Skin as Brian Lackey and directed the musical drama, Vox Lux.

One of the many sources of inspiration for Maya Hawke was the Japanese photographer Kohei Yoshiyuki’s “Kōen,” series. It features people performing sexual activities at the night in Tokyo parks.

The video boasts that it was filmed on 35mm film. It begins by informing the viewer that the next five minutes would feature X-rated content. However, the explicit shot carries a powerful message that is just as open and raw as the group of friends whose orgy in the woods is dispersed by the cops.

Where to find the song

Therese is presently streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music and is available to buy on the iTunes Store.


Mom + Pop will release MOoss on September 23.

You can now pre-order the song through the official store, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp.

Hawke said to Dazed. “I hope people like it or hate it, or whatever. I hope it makes them feel something other than shame, self-hatred, and loneliness. I think we are all tired of feeling like that.”

Hawke said to Dazed.

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