Who is Theresa Jarvis from The Band Yonaka? The Band’s She-Hulk Song Goes Viral

Viewers of She-Hulk are interested in learning more about the band Yonaka and its lead singer Theresa Jarvis. The band’s song was included in the recent episode of the show.

One of the songs from the Brighton-based band, as fans may have heard, closes up the third episode. The song has gone viral on social media as fans gush over the smash.
Its inclusion seems to have piqued interest in the band and its lead vocalist Theresa Jarvis.


Yonaka track plays at the end of She-Hulk

For those who missed it, Yonaka makes a song cameo in the third episode of She-end Hulk’s credits. Yonaka’s song Seize The Power, a selection that has gotten positive feedback from fans on social media, plays throughout the closing credits. The song’s lyrics, according to Looper, “match well with the program’s premise.” While making it the “ideal tune to close the episode on.”


Yonaka tweeted about how excited they were about the song that got featured in the soundtrack of She-Hulk’s new episode. After its release, they shared a tweet showing their excitement. The band wrote, “Seize The @SheHulkOfficial” into the song’s title as they tweeted, quoting a tweet about the song’s cameo.


Seize The Power was initially made available as a single in last year’s January. Later that year, it went on Yonaka’s eight-track mixtape project of the same name. Since it has received over 21 million plays on Spotify, the song is presently the most streamed track for the group.

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Who is Theresa Jarvis?

As the lead vocalist for Yonaka, Jarvis is currently 30 years old. The 30-year-old singer earlier acknowledged to Athens Calling that Amy Winehouse and Jeff Buckley are two of her musical heroes. In an interview with Bricks Magazine, Jarvis also talked about her love of Meatloaf. She admitted that her mother loved the late singer and that she had grown up listening to his music. 

Theresa Jarvis
Theresa Jarvis

She is a fellow Swiftie, and the members of her band Yonaka had previously recorded You Need To Calm Down by Taylor Swift. Jarvis expressed her admiration for Swift while reflecting on the cover photo for 1883 Magazine, gushing, “I love her so much.”

The “Godmother” of the band is Jarvis

The vocalist earlier revealed to Athens Calling that she was the voice behind the name of her band. She referred to herself as the “Godmother of the Name.” In the interview, she disclosed more about its origins.


Although Jarvis is the band’s frontwoman, the other members are bassist Alex Crosby, drummer Robert Mason, and guitarist George Edwards. The four met for the first time in Brighton while they were BIMM Institute students. According to Smoke And Echoes’ band profile, they are all from different parts of Kent, London, and Essex.

Yonaka founded in 2014 and began releasing music in 2016. The following year, they released their EP Heavy. The trio continues to grow in the music industry for nearly ten years together. They earn recognition from The Guardian as one of its bands to watch in 2018.


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