Who Is Toni Bowden? Drake DM’d a Troll’s Wife on Instagram

Recently there was a funny episode that sums up Drake’s hilarious response to a troll. Certainly, Drake used to talk about stealing other girls. Moreover, he had also made a song “Take Your Girl” He loves to do hilarious things in life. Although it’s all a light-hearted joke, his one recent joke is now making hilarious headlines. Drake has done something unusually funny this time on his Instagram. He went on to follow the wife of the troll, Toni Bowden who made fun of his son on Instagram. Therefore he chooses a funny way to counter the troll by following his wife Toni Bowden. He further adds that he deliberately followed his wife so that she gets some excitement in life.


Drake follows the troll Ceddy Bowen’s wife Toni Bowden

So Drake has done something that the troll can have never imagined in his life. Instead of giving a bitter reply to the troll, he rather chooses a hilarious option. For the unversed, there was a troll who targeted his son’s writing on Instagram

. The troll goes on to relate his son’s writing with the ghostwriters.

The troll was indeed related to his past controversies. Drake was accused of using ghostwriters in his writing. Therefore there was a controversy that he used ghostwriters instead of using his own verses. Thus the troll tried to bring back the past controversy to light.

And his comment gets the attention of Drake himself. Interestingly, Drake had something amusing as his response to the troll. And out of blue, he started following the troll’s wife on her social media.

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Drakes’s funny response to the troll

It was such a hilarious episode where a celebrity chooses such a hilarious way to reply to the troll. Thus instead of getting into heated arguments, he has probably set the hilarious trend. Moreover, he also gave a reply to the troll’s original comment. He replies to the troll that he is following his wife as probably she needs that excitement in life. Besides even the troll’s wife shares his follower list including Drake.

Image: Drake(Instagram/champagnepapi)

Therefore she further added content in this hilarious episode. She mentions that as his husband was a troll, Drake now thinks I must get some excitement in life. She mentions this all in her story with a laughing emoji. And of course, this funny episode did not last here, as Drake goes on to reply to this story.


Therefore it was apparent that Drake decided to give the response in the funniest way possible. Undoubtedly it was one of the most savage ways to hit back at the troll. Hence ditching negativity, he rather chooses a funny way to give back to the troll.

Who is Drake

Drake is a popular rapper who has a huge fanbase on the international level. He undoubtedly has an amazing musical career in the industry. Besides this outst anding rapper is a recipient of 4 Grammy awards. Drake is married to Brussaux and both of them have a son, Adonis. Recently Drake gives an unusual reply to a troll who targets his 4-year-old son Adonis.


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