All about Salim Daw who plays Mohamed Al-fayed on The Crown Season 5

The Crown season 5 begins with a new storyline and this season 5 welcomes a new ensemble cast including actor Salim Daw. Therefore crown fans want to know more about him. Let us take a look at this article to get some insights.


Who is Salim Daw?

Salim Daw, a new cast for The Crown season 5 is an actor, born and brought up in Bana, Israel, Daw in 1951 goes by the name Salim Daw and is about 65 years old.

Since Salim is an Israeli actor therefore he has appeared in numerous Israelian films. He has also appeared in another Netflix production 2015’s Fauda. Apart from that, he has appeared in numerous other production films.

The actor has also attained and gained numerous awards for his acting and a greater, successful career and work in the field of cinema. His romantic drama Gaza Mon Amour also won the NETPAC Award for best Asian film at the Toronto International Film Festival 2020. It was even selected as Palestine’s entry for the 2021 Oscars but failed to get nominated.


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Salim Daw portrays Mohamed Al-fayed on The Crown Season 5

Salim Daw portrays the character of Mohamed Al-fayed in The Crown Season 5. Billionaire Mohamed Al-fayed was once the owner of London’s iconic Harrods department store in London, the Ritz Hotel in Paris and Fulham Football Club etc.

Perhaps the most notable thing about him is that he was the father of Dodi, Princess Diana’s boyfriend who also perished in the horrific car accident.

Therefore Salim Daw fans are very excited to see the actor playing Mohamed Al-fayed on season 5 of The Crown series.

Apart from that, British Egyptian actor Amir EL-Masry will portray a younger version of Mohamed Al-fayed in the series

When is The Crown Season 5 going to release?

Crown fans are all geared up as season 5 of the series is going to hit the digital screens on November 9, 2022.

With the twists and turns last episode of season 4 left on its way, it is mostly true that season 5 will thus pick up where season 4 left its foot.

Season 5 explores the royal families’ best challenge up to date as the public openly questions the Royals’ role in 90’s Britain. Season 5 will also focus on the separation of the fairy tale life of Prince Charles and Princess Diana followed by a painful divorce in heartbreaking detail.


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