Arturo Moreno is among Amazon Prime’s The Terminal List’s Credits but Why?

After the release of the first season of The Terminal List, there has been very much questioning over the credit list which includes Arturo Moreno has released at the end of the series and fans are thus questioning Arturo Moreno, who is the person appearing on the credit list, Let us explore this article so to get some insights.


Arturo Moreno on Amazon Prime’s The Terminal List’s Credits

The recent hit series Terminal List quickly became a major fan favourite after its release. The series has now ended, but fans have been very curious since its end because the name Arturo Moreno keeps surrounding their heads.

This name has created a lot of questions in the credit list of the series. And it does not even end it yet, the name scores the connection with some big industry personalities, but that also rises questions among fans, about who really Arturo Moreno is.

But seeing the name pop up in the credit list at the end of the Terminal List has surprised numerous audience members.

Well, if we look closely then the well-known Arturo Moreno in the US is a businessman who is famous for becoming the first Mexican-American to own a major American sports team.

But it is very much unlikely that the businessman is unlikely to work as a “set costumer”, especially on an American Prime series.

Therefore, it is very unlikely to reconnect any possible connections with Arturo Moreno who is a US businessman with the one that has worked or probably is as a set costumer.

Arturo Moreno
Credit: Amazon Prime Video [The Terminal List]

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Who is Arturo Moreno that has worked on the series The Terminal?

Well, Arturo Moreno is the name of many big names in the industry. He is also the name of a TV and a movie customer since the details regarding Arturo Moreno are very much scarce, but some information regarding the titles that he has worked on is there.

But with his name suggested in the credit list of The Terminals, it looks like Arturo Moreno is a set costumer. He has been very much active in the industry since 2017, during that time he has worked in the costumer and the wardrobe department in various titles of some major series. These include 39 episodes of Big Brother: the USA, nine of Midnight, Texas, 28 of Superstone and six of Space Force.

Arthuro Moreno who is the set costumer and also appears among the end credits of the first episode has worked in one episode of The Terminal List which is episode four.

Arturo Moreno
Arturo Moreno (Credit: Getty Images)

Arturo Moreno is a Set Costumer, what is the function of a Set Costumer?

Well, know that we know that Arturo Moreno is not that big businessman and not any other personality, he is a set costumer who has served in this industry since 2017.

Since the term set costume has been greatly new among fans, they are curious to know the function of a set costumer, well, since much of people do not know the function of a Set Costumer, he or she takes the responsibility including designing, researching, organising fittings, dressing performers with also overseeing every fitting on TV or films.

With being a Set costumer and not being a businessman, as stated earlier, he has only worked in this costume industry since 2017 which basically suggests that he might be young in the industry and also in the process of creating his name and space in the industry.

what is Amazon Prime’s series The Terminal List all about?

Amazon Prime’s series The Terminal List is an action thriller television series that is based on Jack Carr’s 2018 novel. The series received good and well-appreciated reviews from fans.


Based on the Navy and follows the story of a Navy Seal who wants to take revenge for the murder of his family, the navy soldier sets out on a journey to go on a mission for vengeance.

The series stars Chris Pratt, Constance Wu, Taylor Kitsch, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz etc, who have so far made sure to establish The Terminal as one of the best and most popular Prime series fans have watched so far.

Another season of the series? What’s the update?

Well, since the series is an adaptation of Jack Carr’s novel of the same name, the writer has also written so far five political thriller novels, of which the first one is The Terminal List, which kind of proves the possibility that there is another rush for season two of the series.

Since there is plenty of material also for the makers to work on, which means that the makers are wholly dedicated to working for the second season and season second might also be coming over the coming years.


The makers of the series are also expecting to continue the series and with the positive response that the American series is getting, fans can expect another season on the cards.

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