Chelsea Houska, Star of “Teen Mom” Starting New HGTV Show, “Farmhouse Fabulous”

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska have returned to Teen Mom 2, 17 months after quitting the show. And, Farmhouse Fabulous, the couple’s upcoming show about home renovations and DIY design, started filming on Friday. But, the premiere is in spring 2023 on HGTV.


New HGTV Show, “Farmhouse Fabulous”

After a long time away from the spotlight, Chelsea Houska spoke about how nervous she was to have her face in the spotlight again. South Dakota is experiencing an exciting day. Filming starts today; I’m scared!” she posted on Instagram.

“We announced that we would be having a show on HGTV, which is fantastic. Anyway, today is our first day of filming, and we’ve been working hard on it,” she said.

“I’m very nervous,” she said. Having not filmed in so long, I don’t know what to do. I think several familiar faces will be there in terms of the crew, which makes me feel better. I do not know why; I’m just so nervous.”


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Chelsea Houska’s New Show

Cole was super-excited and ready to share his cow skull designs.

According to reports from The Ashley, HGTV has ordered six episodes of Farmhouse Fabulous (with more possible). Chelsea Houska’s father, Randy, and Cole and Chelsea’s children will appear on the show. However, this show will not feature the kids or the family’s private matters, as it did in ‘Teen Mom 2.’

In the HGTV show, Chelsea Houska and Cole will help local families renovate and redesign their homes while launching a full-time business.

“We discover that we had an aptitude for design and home renovations as we built our dream farmhouse in Sioux Falls a few years ago, and that’s evolving into our passion,” Cole said in a press release from February. Also, stating that he will combine his construction expertise with Chelsea’s design abilities.

Chelsea Houska with family

Farmhouse Fabulous

Her brand new reality show, Farmhouse Fabulous, was by the mom of four in mid-February. Chelsea Houska and Cole will help families renovate their homes in the series, which is due to debut in 2023.


Chelsea and Cole are dynamic young entrepreneurs breaking ground in the home renovation industry, said Betsy Ayala, the SVP of Programming & Production for ABC.

Also, their optimism and youthful creativity will showcase throughout the series, and we are confident their 8.6 million Instagram followers will enjoy every moment of it.”

“After building our dream farmhouse in Sioux Falls a few years ago, we discovered we had a real knack for design and renovation, and now it’s our passion.”

With four kids in tow, I’m looking forward to showing all the ups and downs on the construction site and in the house to fans,” Chelsea Houska said.


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