Eddie Thawne is Returning in The Flash Season 8 Teased by Showrunner Eric Wallace

Eddie Thawne’ role in The Flash’s midseason premiere was minor. But showrunner Eric Wallace teases that the character’s return is imminent. In the aftermath of Armageddon, The Flash is back after an extended hiatus. Barry Allen, Black Lightning, Batwoman, the Atom, and many others from the other Arrowverse shows joined Barry Allen in this crossover.


Eddie Thawne is Returning in The Flash Season 8

Eric Wallace has provided some new hints about Cosnett’s return amid The Flash season 8’s full steam ahead. According to a new interview with the executive producer, Eddie’s storyline will be discussed in a bit more detail. Even if the plot doesn’t go entirely in that direction, viewers shouldn’t expect to see an Eddie Thawne from the past as time travel won’t factor into the plot.

In The Flash season 8, many of the characters are returning from earlier seasons. Robbie Amell, also a founding member of the original Firestorm, will reappear this year in the role of Ronnie Raymond. Just as Eddie Thawne was cut from The Flash at the beginning of season 1, Ronnie was cut from season 2. Both of their resurrections remain uncertain for now. Several Arrowverse shows have not yet been there, such as The Flash.

Eddie Thawne in Flash

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The Flash: Showrunner Eric Wallace Teases More Characters

This week’s episode of The Flash took us back to the past as Bart (Jordan Fisher) and Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) returned to 2013. Trying to fix the timeline and protect the future after returning to their own time and finding some unexpected changes. The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace confirmed th at another familiar face would appear in season 8. According to Wallace, a few cast members from previous seasons will return to the show. Also, they include one who hasn’t appeared since Season 1.


I can speak about one now since we just filmed it with someone I haven’t seen in a long time,” Wallace said. I won’t mention who it is, but I’m excited to see this character.

Here in Season 8, we hope to do much more of that. We are fortunate to have such a cast both now and in the past. The community has produced so many incredible talents, so let’s look at some of them. Rick Cosnett is not the only person from the past, and a few others are also there. The one I can confirm will return toward the end of the season.”

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