‘Great Dance Crew’ Episode 6 Release Date, Recap, Where to Watch?

Great Dance Crew episode 6 first season will soon be available for download. The majority of the show’s viewers and the cast are dying to determine when the sixth episode of Great Dance Crew will be there. On this page, all of the information regarding Great Dance Crew Episode 6 is there.


‘Great Dance Crew’ Episode 6 Release Date

The subject of discussion right now is the reality program ‘Great Dance Crew’ that airs on YOUKU. Fans in China stick to their television screens. As they watch a program that gives dancers from all across the country a chance to perform.

Fans are anxiously awaiting the next episode of “Great Dance Crew” so that they may find out how their favorite competitors are faring in the competition. The central dance performances, random dance-offs, and the mentors having fun with the participants. The preceding episode of “Great Dance Crew” featured an episode. There, both the mentors and the crew members went on to have a lot of fun.


They were in a basketball game whenever they were not participating in a dancing competition on the stage. The team also celebrated a birthday in the middle of the dancing competition. Already more than a third of the way through its inaugural season, ‘Great Dance Crew’ The instructors then presented the “Best Progress Award” to the performers who had shown improvement during the event.

In addition to that, several things took place throughout the concert that made us wish that we were a part of the event. On May 21, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. local time in Beijing, “Great Dance Crew” Episode 6 will release.

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‘Great Dance Crew’ Episode 5 Recap

After that, Alec Su decided that the whole “Old Disco Dance Crew” deserved a tasty treat of hotpot. Su and the dance group started their day by consuming breakfast and taking pleasure in their hotpot. The dance group also discussed various issues, ranging from their past experiences to how they were feeling right now. These themes included everything from the past to the present.

Great Dance Crew Episode 5

They were forced to kill their time, thereby playing badminton, ultimately deciding their destinies. The people who came in last place had to scoop the litter while the people who came in first got to play with the cats. SANTA As a group, Yang Shiyu, Georgina, Olivia, and Akane headed to the trampoline park with Fei so that they could play games. In addition, a mysterious gift package was presented to each winner.


Where to Watch Episode 6?

The sixth episode of “Great Dance Crew” will soon be there in a wide variety of languages. It is made accessible for viewing on the video-streaming service YOUKU and YOUKU’s official YouTube channel. The forthcoming episode will include the ladies’ new dance performances, which they are currently practicing for. We will not only learn about the experiences the girls are experiencing together. But also continue to talk with the mentors and observe stage performances.


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