HGTV Show ‘ I Bought a Dump… Now What ?’ : All You Need to Know

Get ready to watch the new show ‘ I Bought a Dump… Now What?’ on Discovery+. The show focuses on the challenges that come with the home improvement of abandoned properties. Therefore you will come across some casts who are managing the renovation of their home. There is a lot of buzz about this new HGTV show. Some homeowners can relate it with their own home renovation stories.


Transforming abandoned property can be challenging:

The show ‘ I Bought a Dump… Now What?’ features 3 families who undertake the risky challenge of renovating a run-down home. Therefore they can be deemed as brave to undertake such a complex task. They have decided to carry out the home remodel themselves to cut down extra expenses.

However, it turns out to be a highly exhausting situation for them. Even the wall of the house gets collapsed and they have to deal with a stressful situation. Besides they face strained budgets at the very initial phase of home renovation. Therefore it will be interesting to discover whether or not they excel in this demanding project.

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The casts are undertaking the most ambitious task!

You will see the journey of 3 families who have to remodel their run-down homes. There is a couple who have invested their precious lifetime investment in an abandoned farmhouse. The farmhouse is from the 1860s and has the challenge to convert it into their dream home.


Apart from this, two other families are also facing a similar kind of situation. There is one couple from Birmingham who has purchased one century-old property. Therefore they have to go through expensive setbacks while their home renovation project.

Besides, there is a family in Detroit, who has to complete an important renovation in 90 days. Thus the featured homeowners are shown in their brave venture of home renovation.


In the newly premiered episode, you will see the risky renovation project of 3 families. The family tries their hand to resurrect the old property into their dream abode. However, they face a real challenge during the renovation phase. The show testifies their attempt to resurrect the dilapidated property succeeds or fails. Moreover, the family has to do the entire renovation within a pre-decided budget. Therefore they cant use more money and stick with a fixed budget. Then only they can be deemed as successful in this renovation task.

HGTV’s exclusively premiered show ‘ I Bought A Dump… Now What?

HGTV‘s new show about the 3 families is airing on April 30. The show gives an insight into the real struggle homeowners have to overcome with their old property purchases. You can enjoy the streaming of the show on Disney+. The viewers will see the 3 families managing the renovation in a challenging situation.

Besides they have to bear with a skyrocketing budget and extreme weather for carrying out their remodeling project. The cast of the families is two couples and one father-daughter duo. There is one couple Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton who have to spend their funds to get an abandoned home.

It is a farmhouse from the 1860s and they heading to remodel it. Another couple’s name is Brandon and Lesleigh Vann Waugh who also buy an old property. The show will finally reveal the outcome of the home project undertaken by the 3 families.

I Bought a Dump... Now What ?
Image: Brandon and Lesleigh Vann Waugh(Source: HGTV)

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