House of the dragons: Television show

The television series House Of The Dragons is a prequel to the show Game Of Thrones. The show is set around 200 years before Daenerys Targaryen, her ancestors, how they played the game of thrones, how they ruled the seven kingdoms, how they controlled the empire with their dragons all around, what happened to the Mad King, and how their dynasty got overruled by the Baratheons.

The show has it all. Every Game Of Thrones fan who wanted to know all the history of the show would surely love to watch this prequel.


What is the show based on?

House Of The Dragon is based on the fantasy world of George R.R Martin who even wrote the series Game Of Thrones. Fire and Blood is the name of the book on which House of Dragon is based. And Game Of Thrones was based on the book – A Song of Ice and Fire


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The summary of the plot of House Of The Dragon

The series House Of The Dragon is about a conflict of who will be the real heir to the iron throne after the death of the king, Viserys l

The fight is between Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and her brother Aegon II. Both of them feel that they are the real heir to the Iron Throne but who actually will be taking over the throne is something to watch. While Prince Daemon Targaryen who is the younger brother of the king feels that he is the true heir of the Iron Throne and he should be the ruler of the seven kingdoms.

The king, Viserys I had one elder daughter with his wife but he always wanted a son so that when he dies, he can leave a true air for the throne as, in that era, women were not considered an heir. And being ruled by a woman was unacceptable thing for everyone.

The king remained without a son for a while, but after a while, the queen gave birth to a son and the situation became quite dire; everyone declared that either the son could live or that they would both have to die.


The monarch elected to have his son live, but ultimately both of them passed away. The king soon learned of her daughter’s abilities and designated her as the heir to the iron kingdom.

From then, the fight for the Iron throne started.

George R.R Martin states:

“These books, these characters, are like my kids, When you give your kids to people for adoption, you wonder how they will be treated, will you recognize them?”

George R.R Martin said all these about his book Fire and Blood which he gave to HBO to produce this show. The series is available on Hotstar.


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