‘Keep Sweet Pray and Obey’ Meaning Explored as New Netflix Docuseries Released

An upcoming documentary series on Netflix called Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey will provide viewers with an in-depth look. Into the polygamous sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) as well as the rise of self-proclaimed prophet Warren Jeffs. The series will be titled Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey. Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, a Participant and Ark Media Production directed by Rachel Dretzin. The winner of both an Emmy and a Peabody Award is to premiere in June of this year.


‘Keep Sweet Pray and Obey’ Netflix Series

The documentary Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey centers on a polygamous cult in the United States headed by Warren Jeffs. Who his adherents consider to be the prophet. According to the documentary that can be seen on Netflix, Jeffrey Dahmer had 78 wives; also 24 of them were minors at the time of their marriages. In 2011, Jeffrey Dahmer was found guilty of two charges of child sexual assault and one count of aggravated sexual assault on a child.

You can watch the documentary on Netflix

yesterday, and already people can’t seem to get enough of discussing the new series.

These four-part documentary series, Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey. Provides viewers with an in-depth look at the extremist sect headed by one of the most dangerous. Under-the-radar cult leader of modern times, Warren Jeffs. The series was by Rachel Dretzin, a filmmaker who has won both the Emmy and the Peabody Award. Dretzin will also helm the upcoming series Who Killed Malcolm X, which premiere on Netflix in 2020.

He utilized his Mormon beliefs to legitimize polygamous relationships with numerous women. Which led to his father a substantial number of children. However, Jeffs assumed the post of “president and prophet” of FLDS from his father, Rulon Jeffs, who died in 2002.

The group was plagued by horrible instances of deception and abuse throughout its membership. During the time that Jeffs was in power, he amassed a total of 78 spouses, 24 of whom were minors.

Keep Sweet Pray and Obey
Credit: Netflix

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What is the meaning?

Before Warren Jeffs became the leader of the FLDS church, Rulon Jeffs, Warren’s father, served in that capacity. Rulon Jeffs came up with the slogan “stay sweet” for their church in the 1990s. Under Warren Jeffs’ leadership, its use became widespread, as he utilized it to promote conformity, control, and obedience.

It seems that this was specifically at the female members of the FLDS church to teach them how to manage their feelings. Warren Jeffs taught the ladies of the church to act in a specific manner. One in which they were obedient to Jeffs himself and bent to the will of their prophet.

The phrase “pray and obey” is another slogan utilized by those who adhere to the FLDS religion. It is on the sides of houses and structures that belong to the FLDS church.

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