Love Island UK Season 8 Episode 46: Nathalia Messed Up with Ekin Su And Fans Want Her to Back Down

Love Island fans received an impending 46th episode, featuring newbie Nathalia Campos.

Nathalia, who has communicated interest in Davide Sanclimenti, set up to brawl with rival Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. However, Love Island fans disliked Nathalia coming in between fan favorite couple Ekin-Su and Davide.


What had happened in Love Island UK Season 8 Episode 46?

Things got serious on Love Island as newbie Nathalia screwed up with Ekin-Su.

Nathalia has proactively referenced that she has her side eye set on Davide, Ekin-Su’s old flame, on the show. Additionally, She said she was keen on Davide yet wouldn’t creep on any floor.

She provoked Ekin-Su for the time she slithered across the porch to kiss the now killed candidate Jay Younger.

How The Episode Started?

On the show, Davide told Nathalia ” things are continuing with his ongoing accomplice”. He also added that it would take something critical for him to leave Ekin Su.

Nathalia kissed Davide in a round of truth or dare when she was approached to kiss three of the most appealing men in the house. Ekin-Su is baffled after seeing their bond and said it was anything but a kiss yet a snog.


In the pool, she referenced how Nathalia was not letting Davide be and said, “I won’t make friends, not enemies, I will kill them with Ekin-Su.”

What happened at the end of the episode?

Towards the finish of the episode, the strain was too high to even think about dealing with, and keeping in mind that every other person was drinking and celebrating, the two got into a fight.

As found in a see of the following episode, Ekin-Su tells Nathalia, “Do you have an issue with me?”
Obviously, Nathalia answers with a no, however, Ekin-Su doesn’t leave her and poses the inquiry again. Nathalia answers that perhaps Ekin-Su disapproves of herself.

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Here is How Love Island UK fans fled Twitter with their reviews of the Episode

An interesting fan tweeted: “Nathalia’s my new favorite, lol. That’s real confidence (that none of the others seem to have). Love to see it.”

Followed by: “Nathalia’s tactic is to rattle Ekin-Su to the point where it annoys Davide and she can poach him. Ekin-Su needs to be wise to this or she’ll be in trouble.”

Another viewer of the show tweeted: “Nathalia really be going for someone who most of the UK love [laughing], she going to get dragged by ‘Ekin-De’s’ children, period.”


Why are fans asking Nathalia to back down after a spat with Ekin Su?

Love Island fans disliked Nathalia coming in between fan favorite couple Ekin-Su and Davide.Love Island fans took to Twitter to request novice, Nathalia, to move in an opposite direction from the fan-most loved couple.

Despite requesting, Fans additionally cautioned Nathalia that Ekin-Su wouldn’t withdraw assuming she kept playing with Davide.At the present time, Here are some of the fans’ Twitter reactions asking Nathalia to back down.

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