‘Lykiri’ Meaning Explored as House of the Dragon Latest Episode Introduces This

House of the Dragon, the most anticipated series, is always in the news when it comes to the content and the new words like ‘Lykiri’ and terms included in the series and fans are thus curious to know the meanings behind those words. Let us take a look at this article to get some more insights.


What is the meaning of the new House of the Dragon word ‘Lykiri’?

House of the Dragon is one of the most interesting and curious series to look for the fans considering that High Valyrian adopted in the series, is also at the same time not the most simple language to follow.

And each time the show considers adding a new word to the language, it definitely comes with a greater surprise to the viewers.

Apart from that the showrunners with this, also occasionally introduced Valyrian words which are not from George RR Martin’s original novels.


But so far after adding a new word ‘Lykiri’ in the House of Dragon series the new debuted word has taken viewers’ attention to the next level who are so far very greatly curious to share their confusion over this new addition.

When Aemond angers Vhagar, the prince then quells the dragon with a series of Vhagar commands “Dohaeras. Lykiri. Soves.”

Now, the word Lykiri means calm or calm down in the High Vlayrian. Therefore Aemond is saying “Serve. Calm down. Fly” to Vhagar.

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More High Valyrian words introduced in House of the Dragon

Apart from Lykiri, some other High Valyrain terms introduced in the show have created curiosity among major House of the Dragon fans.

‘Dohaeras’ is another new word introduced to the show in Aemond’s Valyrian commands to Vhagar,

Since High Valyrain bears much more presence in the show compared to its predecessor show Game of Thrones.

Dohaeras used as a command for the dragons in the show, has now created another fan base. The word essentially commands the dragon to breathe fire and burn down the place.

Another two new words used to command dragons in the show include Umbas and Mazis which essentially translates to wait and come, with this, Rybas means to focus while Naejot means forward.


Some of the Common terms used in the House of Dragon

Well, many terms used in the House of Dragons have created another fan base for the fans.


For example, Kepa or Kepus is used to refer to both one’s father and father’s brothers used by Rhaenyra when she refers to Daemon as Uncle in High Valyrian.

Valonqar used to refer to a younger brother used in the first episode of House of the Dragon to refer to Baelon in High Valyrian.

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