Our Blues Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Preview, Cast & Other Details

On April 16th, Netflix will release the third episode of Shin Min-a’s latest weekend drama, Our Blues, starring on Netflix. In this article, you are going to know about Netflix K-drama Our Blues Episode 4 release date, time, preview, cast & Other details. Nielson Korea’s chart showed our Blues debuting with an 8.7% average overall rating.


Netflix K-drama Our Blues

The plot of Our Blues revolves around a group of characters who all live on Jeju Island and are linked by the bonds of friendship and romance.

Lee Dong-Seok (Lee Byun-Hung) comes from a small island village. He sells wares from his trucks. He mistook her friendship for romance when he met Sun-A (Shin Min-a).

For a short time, Choi Han-Su (Cha Seung-Won) has lived on the mainland but returns home. In the fishing store on the island, Jung Eun-Hui (Lee Jeung-Eun) meets his first love. Another friend of Go Mi-Ran’s, Uhm Jung-Hwa, also returns to the island after getting sick of city life.

Lee Young-Ok (Han-Ji Min) is a female diver who lives on Jeju Island. When she meets Park Jung-Joon (Kim Woo-Bin), a ship captain, she immediately falls in love with him.

Our Blues Episode 4
Our Blue Cast

Our Blues Episode 4 Release Date


A Netflix original series called Our Blues would debut on April 9th, 2022. Over ten weeks, 20 episodes will be there, with two episodes appearing every Saturday and Sunday. The 20th and final episode of the show will premiere on Sunday, June 12th, 2022. There will be 70 minutes of content in each episode.

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Our Blues Number of Episodes

The k-drama Our Blues has 20 episodes, and two episodes release each week. After this episode, there will be 16 more to come. With multiple characters in a small town, this drama has the feel of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha.” Drama and romance will undoubtedly feature prominently throughout the story.

Our Blues Season 1 Plot

There is a brief synopsis available for Netflix’s romance K-Drama Our Blues. On the whole, life on the island of Jeju is perfect for those seeking a break from the bustle of the city.

Nevertheless, it is a great place to meet your soul mate if you have been unfortunate in love. Some of the characters in Our Blues will be familiar to Netflix users who have been watching Korean dramas over the past few years.

Our Blues Season 1 Episode 3 Review

According to the preview for Our Blues episode 3, Hansoo and Eun-hee will be on a trip to Mokpo, and Eun-hee still doesn’t know the truth about Han-soo’s financial situation and his reasons for going to Mokpo.

Lee Young-ok (Han Jimin) finds Park Jeong-Joon (Kim Woo Bin) appealing, as he is silently there for her.

It has yet to be determined if Min Seon-ah (Shin Min-a) will appear fully in the show since Lee Dong-Seok turn her down. Viewers eagerly wait for Seon-ah and Dong Seok’s history also. What will happen if the truth about Hansu is revealed to Eun-hee? Fans will find out soon.

Our Blues Official Trailer

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