Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton Relationship Explored as They Are ‘ I Bought a Dump… Now What?’ Cast

The show ‘I Bough a Dump… Now, What’ is about the homeowners renovating the vintage properties. It therefore will throw light on the struggle of the homeowners to restore the old properties. The show will stream tonight on Discovery+. Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton are the couples who embark on the journey of restoring the dilapidated home. The audience will witness the struggle and challenges homeowners face with the renovation. Besides relationships can get affected in this challenging situation.


Who are Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton in the HGTV new show :

Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton are one of the homeowners who will feature on the HGTV show. Moreover, they will describe the challenges and success of the renovation of old homes. The audience will feel the nightmare of remodeling dilapidated properties.

Therefore Sean and Sam will be one of the cast members who will show their exhausting journey of renovating their home. Sam is professionally a wedding photographer who has mentioned their HGTV appearance on her Instagram. She makes an IG post in November about the couple’s expected appearance on HGTV. She further mentions that they were filming for the show since 2019. The couple invests their important saving to purchase an old farmhouse. Therefore they need to do many fixings and restoring works for the abandoned farmhouse.

Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton
Image: Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton(Instagtam/afterhoursfarm)

Besides they have to finish the major fixing works in 90 days. Moreover, the restoration work has become an expensive setback for them. As they have opted for the risky option of purchasing the abandoned home, they face various challenges. The audience will see the couple tackling the challenges of getting the restoration of their dream home.

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About HGTV’s new show ‘ I Bought a Dump… Now What’


A few people opt for purchasing abandoned properties. It’s not a breezy task to have a home improvement in the abandoned properties. Further, it will hamper your schedule and budget in making the home renovation. Therefore it’s a daring as well as a naive decision on the part of the homeowner to have old properties. The homeowners may have lots of dreams of changing the look of the dilapidated home.

Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton
I Bought a Dump… Now What?

Some decide to manage the home improvement themselves to save their budget. But homeowners have to face exhaustion and hindrance to their schedule. Moreover, even the relationship can get on the verge of a test during this complicated situation. Thus HGTV is bringing a new show that will showcase homeowners who buy the most-dilapidated properties.

The show will therefore track the restoration progress of the old properties. It will further delve into the complexities homeowners face during the project. Sometimes the situation can be complex and it can even look rewarding. At last, you will get to know whether the homeowners succeed or fail in this risky undertaking.

Undertaking challenges of home improvement

The courageous homeowners get featured in the new HGTV show. The casts manage the complicated task of renovating old properties themselves. Therefore the audience will witness the challenges that come their way. Undoubtedly managing the renovation tasks themselves can bring lots of challenges and exhaustion. As the task is time-consuming, it can even deteriorate the relationship of the family.


Therefore the show will delve into whether or not they succeed in their renovation project. Sam and Sean have secretly filmed their journey of house remodeling for the HGTV show.

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