The Block: Sharon Johal Bribed A Tradesman and Caught by Jenny

A sneaky move at The Block enraged contestants and blamed the culprit, Sharon Johal  for a vicious tirade caught on camera. Caused chaos in The Block after bribing.


What happened at The Block?

The Block is an Australian reality television series airing on Nine Network. The series follows four or five couples who renovate and decorate their home or apartment. Furthermore, they compete to sell it for the highest price at auction.

Sharon Johal
Sharon Johal

The original series first ran in consecutive seasons in 2003 and 2004, originally hosted by Jamie Durie.

Faced with the fear of not being able to finish in time, House 3’s glamorous former Neighbors actress Sharon was furious to hear something. Her promise to install heated floors has been turned down by another contestant. Turned out that it was snatched by House 4 apprentice Chippy Jenny. He used the age-old bribery tactics to get the plumber to visit their house first.

Sharon groans at her sneaky switch to fellow competitor Rachel and is heard calling an unidentified assailant a “dic*head” while waiting for coffee at the McCafe.

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Who is Sharon Johal?

A determined and hard-working woman. Therefore, Sharon found success as an actress, presenter, author, podcaster, and lawyer at an early age by combining her natural talent with sheer stamina. After years of auditions, Sharon transitioned seamlessly from a successful litigation job to the lead role as Dipi Rebecchi. The role was in Australia’s longest-running and iconic television show, Neighbors


There was a lack of on-screen diversity and a lack of audition opportunities. It meant that her success lasted much longer than she had hoped. The success, with minimal “highs” and many nagging “lows” along the way. 

Add to these adversities Sharon’s versatility as an actress, capable of playing the main character, a tormented person, a sex symbol love interest, a motherly and caring wife, a lovely woman next door, strong and fierce. There are business owners and moral compass, empathic best friends, and more. Her intriguing angry/hurt human fills all the same roles, showcasing her skills and her talents, cementing her as one of the show’s most iconic and polarizing characters. 

Prior to Neighbors, Sharon starred in a number of other roles. She got selected from a nationwide search for Bollywood actors after many rounds. Also, was flown to India to audition for Mahesh Bhatt on a merit-based test documented by SBS.

In addition to appearing on Neighbors, Sharon was chosen by the producers to support or shadow the currently rotating director on the show.

Additionally, while working on Neighbors, Sharon wrote about vacations and continued to podcast. She used the platform to advocate for minorities and vulnerable people. Other than that, she had a positive impact on society as an activist on a variety of issues.

She recently wrote a full-page article for Stellar discussing the offensive but important topic of racism within and outside the entertainment industry.

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