The Endgame Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date, Recap, Preview & Where to Watch?

The 7th episode of The Endgame (2022) came out on 11th April 2022. Stay with us till the end to find out when the next episode comes out, what happened in the last episode, and where you can watch the show. In this article, we will discuss The Endgame Season 1 episode 8 release date, recap, preview, and where to watch so stay tuned.


What is The Endgame about?

The Endgame is an American thriller series with its central plot revolving around two main characters Morena Baccarin as Elena Federova and Ryan Michelle Bathe as Val Turner. Elena is a criminal mastermind who deals in arms and has been planning to pull off simultaneous heists in 7 New York City banks. Val Turner is an FBI agent, a determined and conscientious outcast in the bureau, who decides to stop her. However, with limited resources, Val soon realizes that she will have to work with clues from her own past to decode Elena’s cryptic games. However, Val soon realizes that there is much more at stake and a lot that she doesn’t know. So, her morality loyalty will be challenged as she uncovers dark secrets that might change everything, including her perception of “justice”.

The Endgame Season 1

About The Endgame

The first season of The Endgame so far has 7 released episodes, with one episode coming out every week. The first episode premiered on 21st February 2022 with new episodes released every Monday. As well as the show boasts an impressive cast including Morena Baccarin, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Costa Ronin, and Jordan Johnson-Hinds, all of whom have been exhibiting stellar performances in the show.

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Episode 8 Release Date & Time

Endgame Season 1 episode 8 will be released on April 18 which is a Monday at 10 pm ET in America/New York.

Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 of The Endgame came out on 11th April and Aadrita Mukerji wrote it. The name of the episode ‘Sleepover’ was full of action and drama. Hence, the episode was very exciting with the plotline being immensely thrilling. In the episode, the audience got aware of an assassin hunting Elena. Whereas Sergey and Owen are under the threat of their plan being unraveled.

The Endgame Season 1 episode 7

Episode 8 – All That Glitters

Endgame Season 1 episode 8 will come out on the 18th of April. NBC has released the trailer of the 8th episode titled “All That Glitters”. The episode entails a thrilling experience for its viewers where Elena’s newest target will reveal what her ultimate endgame is. You can watch the trailer on YouTube.

Where to Watch?

NBC is broadcasting the show on TV and its official app. You can also watch the show on Amazon Prime Video.


The Endgame Season 1 Episode 8 Promo

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