The Owl House Season 3: Release date, Is it going to end?

The Owl House is coming up for its third season, but even before it’s coming it’s in the news that the third season is getting cancelled. Let us look at this article to get to know some juicy details.


When is The Owl House Season 3 arriving?

The second season of The Owl House Season 2 finally ended on May 28th and fans are thus really really excited and waiting for the third season to arrive.

So far, it’s official that The Owl House season 3 episode 1 will be arriving on Saturday, October 15 on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

It is as per sources, stated that the third season will be showcasing where season 2 had left off with Luz and her friends stuck in the human realm.

Season 3 of the series ordered in May 2021, made fans even more excited who was on the top of their levels to explore the experience of the story in the third season.


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Is Season 3 of The Owl House going to end?

Well, it’s bad news for The Owl House fans that yes! season 3 of The Owl House is going to end. It will be the final installment in the series. Disney since stated that season 3 will no longer be continuing.

Disney also confirmed that it will also not be a normal 19-21 episode season, instead, it will be having three 44-minute specials.

Makers have also not confirmed the release date for season 3 episode 2, but it’s very much proven that season 3 will be releasing only in 2023.

Well, since episode 1 of season 3 of The Owl House is coming but the fact that it is going to be the last episode has saddened many of the fans, now they are in an uncomfortable position of what to do, to be sad or happy.


Why is The Owl House Season 3 cancelled?

The animated series received much greater praise for its portrayal of positive LGBTQ+representation. The series shows a girl who falls into a world full of witches and demons while on her way to summer camp.

While the show’s creator Dana Terrace explained the reason behind the cancellation of TOH, she explained that the reason is not because of budgeting or anything like that. It’s simply that the makers want to end the show with only three seasons, she added.


Dan, therefore, hopes that the show could return if things change in the future which would bring another joy to fans’ faces.

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