What is Stockholm Syndrome as Netflix’s Clark is All about This Term?

The concept of Stockholm Syndrome recently get into light after the Netflix series Clark. The series revolves around the life of a charming bank robber Clark Oloffson. Moreover, the series is based on the autobiography of this infamous gangster. Besides in this series, you will come across the behavior of Stockholm Syndrome. Some reports suggest that Stockholm Syndrome is a feeling of affection for the abusers. Therefore the victim starts feeling some kind of sympathy for their abusers.


What is the meaning of Stockholm Syndrome?

Netflix’s Clark will be focusing on the behavior traits of Stockholm Syndrome. This phrase has an imperative significance in the new Netflix series. There is speculation evolving around the phrase since its use in the Netflix series. For the unversed, this phrase is related to the psychological traits of humans. Therefore in this condition, a victim starts getting a positive feeling toward their captors.

Besides the term originated from an incident of bank robbery. This robbery was done in Stockholm, Sweden. 4 people were kept hostage during this robbery episode. Although the hostage were the victims, they have developed some strange affection for their abusers. Hence the phrase derived its origin from the place of robbery Stockholm. Moreover one of the major culprits behind the robbery was Clark Oloffson.


Thus Netflix’s next release Clark will throw special insight on the Stockholm syndrome. Besides the autobiography of Clark Oloffsom is the source of the Netflix new series.

Thus it is apparent that the audience will get the insight of phrase in the Netflix’s Clark. The series will throw light on the life of the charming robber Clark Oloffson. He was the robber behind the infamous Stockholm robbery. This robbery further had a strange episode as the captive were having affection for their captors.

Therefore it reflects the psychological condition of Stockholm Syndrome. Even one hostage of the robbery had told the former PM about her complete trust in the captors. Besides, there was one more infamous case of Stockholm in 1974. It was a shocking case when a hostage Patricia Hearst helps his captors in their robbery mission to a California bank. Undoubtedly it’s an uncanny physiological trait that is quite unreal.

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Who is Clark Oloffson

Recently Netflix drops the trailer of its new series Clark. The series is about the life of an infamous robber in Swedish history. Of course, we are talking about the charming-looking robber Clark Oloffson. Clark has a charismatic persona and even his victim develops a liking for him. The plot is certainly based on his sensational autobiography.

Stockholm Syndrome
Image: Clark Olofsson and bill skarsgård

Clark Oloffson was involved in the robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and various other crime. Despite having such a heinous image, he can make victims fall for him. It is strange to know that the ‘ Stockholm Syndrome’ had its connection with his robbery. Actually, the phrase was coined after his robbery in Stockholm.


The trailer of Clark released

Netflix has released the trailer of the series Clark. The series will narrate the story of the charismatic criminal Clark Olofsson. Besides in the trailer, you will get his abusive childhood and his involvement in petty thefts in brief. The series will unfold the criminal story of the most infamous robber. Clark had a traumatic childhood. He was the victim of his abusive father. The trailer looks interesting with Bill Skarsgard acting the titular role of Clark.

Netflix Clark Official Trailer

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