What Is The Meaning of ” Omerta of the Libertines” as it Used in Netflix’s ” Anatomy Of A Scandal”

The new Netflix release ” Anatomy Of A Scandal ” has stirred speculation on the phrase ” Omerta Of the Libertines”. The series is a top-notch thriller and the plot revolves around a member of Whitehouse James. After watching the thriller, people are trying to unravel the connection of Libertines with the crime. The main casts of the series are Sienna Miller as Sophie Whitehouse and Rupert Friend as James Whitehouse.


Let’s dive deeper to know the meaning of the controversial phrase ” Omerta of the Libertines”

The Netflix series ” Anatomy of Scandal” is about the controversial elements in the elite society. The main character James faces the rape trial. However, James’ wife cannot believe that he can do such a heinous crime. On the contrary, the prosecuting lawyer is sure about the involvement of James in the crime. There is a flashback of university life of James where lies the mystery. There is a connection between ” Omerta of the Libertines” with the crime. Further exploring the plot viewers came to know that James was an integral part of a club known as Libertine


What is the significance of Libertine on the crime?

The libertine club of the college used to belong to the elite class. These high-class people are rowdy and think of themselves above anyone. Besides, they even show the traits of horrible behavior without any respect for law enforcement. As they have a superiority complex, they think they are born to enjoy entitlements. They think of themselves as above law and therefore never abide by law enforcement. But do you know that there can be real-life connections between some clubs promoting crime?

Omerta of the Libertines
Anatomy Of A Scandal

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Let’s discuss the mystery of Libertine club with ” Omerta of the Libertines”

As the plot unfolds, we further get to know about the Libertine club in college life. Besides, there are speculations that the Libertine club refers to a real-life club. There was a club Bullingdon for the elite section during 1780. Even this club is for the people who belong to affluent families. The club members involved themselves in notorious behavior in society. The member of the club doesn’t disclose their secret before the law. The term ” Omerta of the Libertines ” is actually about those secrets of the club.


” Omerta of Libertines” has a relation with the secrets of club members!

In this Netflix series, the central character is hiding a big secret. And that is the main idea of the club to not disclose truths. Hence the word Omerta signifies the deeper secret that should not be disclosed. It is a mafia term and refers to non-cooperation before the authoritative bodies. The members have to maintain utter silence if they get confronted in their life. Therefore the word Omerta has the same connotation as in this Netflix series.

” Omerta of Libertines” is appropriate with the plot:

With the aforesaid speculation, we can say that the phrase ” Omerta of Libertines” is related to sustaining silences. Therefore it means the secrets should be upkeep by the members without any excuse. In this series, we see that two-character exchange this phrase indicating secrecy. Thus the phrase highlights the mysterious element in this series.

Anatomy Of A Scandal Official Trailer

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