Who is Brett Geddes? Brett’s Explosive Scene is Spotlight-Stealing in The Boys Season 3

The super-hit web series THE BOYS is back with another season of incredible work, acting, and performances. The web series is based on Superheroes and are they naturally super or not? They are not naturally born. The series is not mainly focused on only a few members, but also highlights a lot of other supes as well. One such use is Termite. Brett Geddes plays the character. Who is the man? Why is his role getting a lot of attention? The article covers everything you need to know.


Who is Brett Geddes?

Born in 1990 on the 17th of July, Brett is a 31-year-old Canadian actor who played the role of termite in the new web series THE BOYS. He was born and brought up in Ottawa, Canada, and moved to Toronto to pursue his career in acting. Geddes is quite famous for a number of roles he has done in the past like My Friend Wally (2021), Candy Cane Christmas (2020), and Life with Boys

(2013). He was born in Canada to Jim Geddes and Cathy Geddes and has one sibling namely Trevor. Furthermore, Brett gained massive popularity by playing the role of Shane of ‘Overruled!’, Grade 9 bully of ‘Fakers’, and Declan of ‘Warehouse 13’.

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About his role in The Boys Season 3

If you have seen the series, you must have witnessed his role in the same. He plays the role of a person with super abilities which allow him to shrink in size. The name of the character is Termite. Moreover, The group protagonists bother Termite and catch him, but before this happens he has a short role which has created massive Buzz in all of Hollywood. The character takes advantage of his superpower and entertains the people. The character is named such because of his ability that he can shrink.

Brett Geddes in The Boys

In a scene he shrinks to a very small size and his lover requests him to enter his body through his p*nis. He asks him to do so for pleasure. The former agrees to do this and enters the p*nis. The lover asks him to go to his prostate. But, before the termite reaches the destination he sneezes and comes back to his original size. This leads the man to blast splitting blood and pieces all over the room. the scene is cringe-worthy and disturbing at the same time. When the 2 protagonists enter to catch him, they see the blood all over. So Termite tries to kill them but fails and gets trapped by William Butcher in a small plastic packet having some powder in it.

Although impressed by his acting, the fans feel that the scene was unnecessary. When asked by the makers, they told that the scene was necessary for the fans to know how uncontrollable the heroes are. The scene was very expensive because of the high-level VFX used. The series has many such disturbing scenes. This makes the series all the more interesting. The Boys will release new episodes on Fridays.


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