Who is Cheryl Pistono Ex-Girlfriend of Kareem Abdul Jabbar in Winning Time?

Undoubtedly we are loving the season first of the series Winning Time. The series on HBO has featured the actress Sarah Ramos in the role of Cheryl Pistono. She is playing the ex-girlfriend, Cheryl Pistono of Abdul Jabbar. Besides, it’s interesting to see the character of Pistono who was a great support system for Abdul Jabbar. Sarah Ramos who is in the industry for 20 years is playing the role. People are curious about knowing the ex of Abdul Jabbar.


Cheryl Pistono is an ex-lover of Abdul Jabbar

The basketball star Abdul Jabbar had his first marriage with Habiba in 1971. Besides the couple also have 3 children together. But do you know they changed their religion? Yes, the couple embraced the Islam religion. Therefore as a consequence, they changed their birth name. The couple were proud parents of two daughters and a son.

But unfortunately, their marriage ended within seven years. Thus the couple get their legal divorce in 1978. Although the couple got separation in 1973.

In 1977, the basket star had a meetup with Cheryl Pistono. And thus it was the start of their love story. Although at first Pistono had no interest in him, Abdul. Thus she even stated media about her disinterest in those who are of sports mentality.


So it was apparent that she had no interest in the basketball icon. Besides Abdul had always wanted that she falls for him. But of course, the couple fell for each other with time. Further, the couple also had a son together. Although they never marry each other and also parted ways in 1984.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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Insights into the life of Cheryl Pistono

Cheryl Pistono was a love interest of Abdul Jabbar after his divorce. She first met Jabbar in 1977 after his divorce from his former wife. They further started dating each other. Besides they had a love child in 1981. Today their son, Amir is a well-known orthopedic surgeon.

Moreover, Amir had helped her father in treating his chronic disease. Therefore that was the time the father-son duo became closer. Although Pistono always maintains a good term with her former lover Abdul. She always wanted to have a good relationship with Abdul for the sake of their son. The former couple dated for 7 years before calling it quits in 1984. Later Pistono gets married to Steven Jenkins after separating from her ex Abdul Jabbar.


The HBO series will feature the story of Cheryl Pistono, the ex of Abdul Jabbar. Reportedly Cheryl used to be a very funny girl. Besides she had an imperative role in encouraging Kareem in his career. It was her tactful use of emotional intelligence that was encouraging for Kareem.

Sarah Ramos as Cheryl Pistono

You will see Sarah Ramos acing the role of Cheryl Pistono. The actress Sarah had 20 years of acting experience as she was a child artist. Besides, she is best known for her American Dreams, and Parenthood to name a few. She is an American actress and has born in California. In her career,r she had successfully done a lot of diverse roles.


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