Who is Mike Guthrie? Ken Hanes Returns to Play The Character in The Bold And The Beautiful

Who should pop up at the end of Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, which is already filled to the brim with unexpected twists and turns? Mike Guthrie, the hero of Kimberlin Brown’s character Sheila Carter, is who you think he is! After Sheila and Li (Naomi Matsuda) threaten Sheila that she will obtain justice for her son Finn and have a verbal altercation inside the jail, everything that occurs from then on out occurs.

After the conflict between the two women, during which Li (Naomi Matsuda) leaves the room, a guard arrives to take Sheila back to her jail cell, but it turns out that the guy is Mike. Sheila, please see that he is back.


Who is Mike Guthrie?

If you have been watching The Bold and the Beautiful for the past ten years. There is a good chance that you have never seen Mike Guthrie before. However, he has been around since 1993, when he discovered Sheila Carter falsifying a paternity test and then used the knowledge to blackmail her. Since then, he has been following Sheila Carter. Even though she had a Doberman attack him, he was able to live.


After then, he wasn’t there for another two years. On April 7, 1995, James Warwick restrain and was famished. He requested Sheila to end his life since he was confident he would never comply with her requests. She asks the security man in charge of him, Mike Guthrie. For assists in untying his wrists, which is a complete surprise to him.

The Bold and the Beautiful had not featured Mike Guthrie since 2010 when it was the final time. Stephen Logan purchased from him a rifle. Since the soap opera‘s debut over three decades ago, Hanes has appeared as Guthrie in 121 episodes. Playing the role during that time.

Mike Guthrie
Image: Ken Hanes(Credit: JPI and CBS)

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Ken Hanes Returns to Play The Character in The Bold And The Beautiful

Sheila was in desperate need of a break, and she got one when she turned around after hearing the security guy call her name and spotted Mike Guthrie. Sheila and Mike Guthrie became friends in 1993 when Ken Hanes was cast in the role of the Forrester Creations security guard. And she was cast in the part of the fashion line’s in-house nurse. B&B fans who have been following the show from its inception know this.

Mike was often subjected to Sheila’s deceitful manipulations. Mike Guthrie continued to pursue the relationship

even though he knew Sheila was nothing but trouble. Their friendship goes deep.

B&B decided to go in a different direction rather than having Sheila make an effort to befriend and seduce a new character who may be able to assist her in the situation that she is now in. Sheila and the show’s fans acquaint themselves with Mike. So it was a good move on the show’s part to go through his vast archive and bring him back.

This time, we haven’t had much chance to get to know Mike Guthrie. But experience has shown us that anything is possible when these two work together! And congrats to the PR staff at B&B for keeping this piece of casting a secret in a world where there are very few places where secrets can be hidden!

The Bold and The Beautiful

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