Who is Tony Hughes as One of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims Story on Netflix’s New Series

Tony Hughes has been one of the most intense characters in Netflix’s new series Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. People are thus curious to know who the character is shown in the series is, and what happened to him. Let us explore this article to know more insights.


Who was Tony Hughes as portrayed in the Netflix series?

In the Netflix series, we can see the life story of one of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer, Tom Hughes and people are thus getting way more than curious to explore who the character Tony Hughes was, did he even exist in real life.

Well, the answer is yes, since the series is based on true criminal events, Tony Hughes was one of the sufferers of Jeffrey Dahmer.

He initially was deaf from his childhood, due to the impact of unwanted medicines which resulted in him being deaf.

Tony also graduated from the Wisconsin school for the deaf, after he went to Madison, Wisconsin so to attend college, while he was also pursuing his passion for modelling.

Tony Hughes
Credit: Netflix

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The reason behind Tony Hughes’s death

Netflix series has shown very limited reasons for the death of Tony Hughes, but as per the FBI officials at that time and also as per the records, the officials at that time found his body parts such as his vertebrae, skull as well as other body parts at Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment, which proved that he murdered and killed Tony Hughes.

After this incident, Dahmer confessed to committing 17 murders including Hughes who was his 12th prey. Dahmer after sentenced to 15 years in jail in 1992.

He did not even stop, including his last victim, he took 17th other lives specifically of teens and men during a period of 13 years from 1978.

Dahmer’s victims came under the age group of 14-32 years, among which the majority were the g ay ethnicity.


How did Tony Hughes and Jeffrey Dahmer meet?

As per reports, Hughes meets Dahmer at a gay bar. At that time clamations stated that Hughes wanted to visit his family in Madison and was thus that time dancing at a gay bar.

But Dahmer evidently went there, picked him and took him home, therefore, dismembering his organs and his entire body.

If we talk about the depiction of this incident in the Netflix series, it is very much evident there between Hughes and Dahmer, a romantic and attractive angle is shown.

But in real life that was not the case, Dahmer killed Hughes so to fulfil his list of prey.

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