Winning Time Season 2 Confirmed by HBO: Check Out Cast, Plot & Other Details

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most storied sports clubs globally, so it’s no surprise that they’d receive their own HBO drama series to follow their exploits. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, which chronicles the franchise’s rapid rise during the 1980s. It provides fans with a dramatic look at how the club, is headed by Jerry Buss and Magic Johnson. It defines an era of NBA basketball known as “Showtime,” according to the studio. We have already received Winning Time Season 1 which is going on. And in the meantime, HBO already confirmed that Winning Time Season 2 will be there.


Winning Time Season 2 Confirmed

The renewal for Winning Time Season 2 comes on the heels of the series’ fifth episode. It received a record-breaking amount of viewers on Sunday. On debut night, it received 1.2 million viewers across all platforms, representing a 37% increase over the previous episode. In addition to airing on HBO, the ten-episode first season will be available to watch on HBO Max.


The series Winning Time is based on Jeff Pearlman’s book Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s, published in 2008. McKay’s Hyperobject Industries is in the process of manufacturing.

The fast-break series was co-created by Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht. Follows the professional and personal lives of the Los Angeles Lakers

during the 1980s. When they were one of the most respected and dominating dynasties in sports history. This team defined their age both on and off the court.

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Winning Time Season 1
Image: Winning Time Season 1

About Winning Time 

A new documentary series, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, tells the story of the legendary “Showtime” era of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. Focusing on team owner Jerry Buss and beloved point guard Earvin “Magic” Johnson. In this series, we get a stylized look at the many characters that would help develop the Los Angeles Lakers into a championship basketball team. Also, help preserve the NBA league as a whole from extinction. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is available now on HBO


When it comes to size, Winning Time has a tremendous cast of characters. It is very much an ensemble show that continuously turns the spotlight between the many members of its large cast. As a result, even die-hard Laker fans may find it challenging to track who is who. Making it an even more significant problem for those learning about this important chapter in sports history for the first time.

Winning Time Cast

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