What Did YouTuber Destiny Say in DM with LilyPichu, When He was Drunk?

Recently, a well-known TV personality and streamer LilyPichu visited TwitchCon in San Diego. However, another streamer called Destiny couldn’t stop himself from sharing his chats with LilyPichu to the public. The conversation apparently happened between them during TwitchCon. Many fans were seen replying with laughing and crying emojis about the interaction. Some of them also said that this was a big “bruh” moment.


Why did Destiny “Expose Himself”?

Destiny is a very famous streamer and he often streams on YouTube. He collaborates with other political commentators and streamers every now and then.

Pokimane, an other Twitch streamer noted in one of her streams that Destiny had an awful habit of seeking attention through controversies. Not only that, she also said that Destiny would deliberately speak about controversial issues to get more views.

Meanwhile, after learning about her comments in one of his streams, he felt like proving the “attention seeker” image to her. So, he shared his drunk chats with LilyPichu to the public.


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What was written in those chats?

According to him, Destiny really wanted to spend time with her when she was in San Diego. However, they were not in a position to hang out as both were drunk at that time.

“Lily came to San Diego and went to the zoo. I begged her all night, “Lily, please. Lily, where are you? Lily, I want to meet you. And Lily said: “F**k you”, he explained during the stream.

After a while, he couldn’t control his laughter and said, “I read my private messages. I’m not myself! I think I’m just really drunk. I think we both tried to call each other, but I think we were both drunk”. Then, he showed the screenshot of their conversation which encouraged mixed responses from the chat.

The screenshot further read, “Will you come back?”. To which she replied, “I’m leaving. Tonight”. Destiny then tried calling her which Lily didn’t pick up. So, he texted her, “Dude, you’re seriously ignoring my calls”.

However, after some time, Lily made an attempt to call Destiny which resulted in failure. The streamer burst out laughing while reminiscing this unhinged interaction between them.


Destiny and LilyPichu’s earlier controversy

In August this year, Destiny trolled LilyPichu for being “a Trump Supporter”. He also went on to talk about how she abandoned him during his vulnerable moments just because their political opinions didn’t match.


After that, he started talking about her hypocrisy. He said that she used to be pro-Andrew Yang. However, it was only because she wanted to make some money from the Andrew Yang supporters.

LilyPichu replied his commment by saying that he had a weird obsession with Pokimane. She also informed that she stopped hanging out with him because he was behaving mean to her and not because of their political differences.

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