When will Be Venice Film Festival 2023? Check Out This Year’s Celebs

Venice Film Festival has always created a charismatic phenomenon when it comes to cinema. With this, this year’s film festival created a space for numerous high-scoring films. But fans are also waiting for Venice Film Festival 2023. Let us take a look at this article so to get some greater insights.


What is the Venice Film Festival all about?

Venice Film Festival is an international film festival. It takes place each year in Venice, Lido. The festival makes sure to promote international cinema in all forms such as art, entertainment etc.

The festival raises awareness in terms of cinematic work by giving tribute to major film figures and cinematographers who have worked and provided a significant contribution to cinema.

When will the Venice Film Festival 2023 be?

The Venice Film Festival 2023 will happen from August to September 2023 next year.


Since this year’s Venice Film Festival also solidified its position as one of the most blockbuster festivals of the year, it is so far no doubt about what buzz Venice Film Festival 2023 will generate.

Venice Film Festival 2023
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Venice Film Festival 2022: Know all the details

The Venice Film Festival held this year from 31 August to 10 September 2022. The Venice film festival started its 79th year of celebrating cinema around the world. And this year will mark its 90th anniversary.

The main purpose of the Venice Film Festival is to provide accreditation to cinema cinematographers, and this year’s festival was a major hit. This year’s film event is organized by La Biennale di Venezia and directed by Alberto Barbera.

The jury of this year’s film festival is Julianne Moore who is the president and one of the jury members of the Venice Film Festival.

The selected films for this year’s Film festivals are Warner Bro’s psychological thriller ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ directed by Olivia Wilde starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh and Chris Pine. ‘The Whale’ also made its mark on the selection list directed by Darren Aronofsky starring Sadie Sink, Brendan Fraser, Hong Chu etc.

Venice Film Festival 2023
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Celebrities who attended this year’s Venice Film Festival

From Harry Styles to Florence Pugh to Timothee Chalamet, each and everyone rocked their presence at this year’s festival.

The 2022 Venice Film Festival saw stars like Tessa Thompson, Jodie Turner-Smith, Julianne Moore, Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, Chris Pine etc, who graced the red carpet of the film festival with the charming and beautiful outfits they wore on the red carpet.


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