39Daph Twitch Unbanned: Sentinels Star Unbanned Minutes After Getting Banned

One of the most popular female streamers named 39Daph on Twitch suddenly was hit by a surprise from the platform. The Sentinels star received a ban from the platform on September 15.

The reason behind the ban was still unknown but to your amazement, 39Daph got unbanned within 33 minutes of the ban. The famous steamer mainly focuses on a variety of chill videos on stream. 

Daph has also a huge fan following with a number of million followers. Each stream of the streamer consists of a 5.5k viewership.


39Daph Twitch Unbanned

Do you know that the popular streamer 39Daph just received a ban from Twitch? The reason behind this ban was still unknown but it came as a shock to the star on September 15.

39Daph is one of the most popular female streamers on the platform and has a number of followers in a million. Sentinel star’s stream numbers consist of a 5.5k viewership.


Streamersban announced on Twitter on September 15, that the Twitch streamer 39Daph has got banned from the platform for a mysterious reason. 

Viewers who got to 39Daph’ channel got a message on the channel that stated “this channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of twitch community guidelines or terms of service.”

33 minutes after the ban another news broke out as 39Daph got unbanned by the platform. As soon as the star got unbanned, her fans reached out to her to celebrate.

In the first place, it was unknown why the Daph got banned. It could also be an error on Twitch. 


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Why did the Sentinels star unbanned minutes after the ban?

After getting a shock ban from Twitch, the streamer was also a stranger to the crime she had committed. But when Twitch unbanned her after realizing its mistake, the Sentinels star took to Twitter and revealed why she was banned.

The streamer revealed that the ban was the consequence of one of her uploaded streams. Her channel was mass reported after showing some sexually explicit content on it.


Daph said that she had already taken permission to display the content and that’s why she got instantly unbanned by Twitch after realizing their mistake.

39Daph wrote on Twitter “nice ban. Anyways it’s prob from mass reports on a sex scene clip from the game in mortality. They realized their mistake and unbanned me since it’s a permitted game”


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