After Twitch Gambling Ban Movement Slots Streamers are Moving to Dlive

Twitch has so far currently announced a ban on gambling, therefore now it’s a big deal for streamers to continue their gambling chores. Let us explore this article in order to know some major updates.


Twitch announces ban on gambling live streams

As per recent news, the Twitch platform has announced a ban on streaming certain crypto-gambling websites therefore in an effort to protect users from potential harm.

In a statement shared on Twitter on Tuesday, Twitch, a streaming service owned by Inc., just announced a significant revision to its gambling policy.

Thus, the prohibition will forbid the broadcasting of dice, roulette, and slot machine movies that do not have US gambling licences.

The policy change basically come after the platform’s top streamers threatened to stop using the platform if the platform did not change its policy on gambling streams.

The constant gambling on the platform

has resulted in the company facing a lot of backlash from streamers and users who are in the opening that this might or could have possible harmful effects on the young users available on the Twitch platform.

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Dlive emerges another new platform for gambling live streams

While some top streamers on the Twitch platform supported Twitch’s decision to ban the gambling practices, some of the other streamers will not keep away from their traditional gambling chores, thus therefore another platform has taken the sides.

Now, here comes Dlive as the live streaming platform on their current social media handle brand itself states “value sharing live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system.” This, therefore, includes using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency which viewers can earn within Dlive to supp ort creators.


Since Twitch only promotes a 50/50 subscriber revenue spilt, Dlive promotes a 75/25 revenue share spilt, which is yet another greater point in the streaming community.

Therefore, the platform also announced on its social media page stating “As of October 18, Twitch will be making a policy update to prohibit slots, roulette, or dice games that are not licensed in the US or other jurisdictions,” they tweeted on October 13. “We would like to announce DLive welcomes all streamers who create this type of content.”

Credit: Twitch

Streamers shifting to Dlive to continue their gambling live streams

While many top streamers who were on Twitch are not going onto another platform to just stream slots, both many other gambling streamers are doing that.

One of them was ‘AussieSlots’ who boasted 32,000 followers on Twitch but now is one of Dlive’s top streamers.

While some of the gambling streamers are using their account to direct viewers to Dlive, thus going live on Twitch with their new stream link.


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