Def Noodles Banned: YouTuber Got Banned from The Platform for Using Drugs

Youtuber Def Noodles who enjoys 546k Subscribers on the video-sharing platform has been banned from Twitch for consuming drugs.

Reportedly, he taste-tested Poppers in an attempt to guess their flavor and fragrance. The Popular Youtuber shared a post confirming the ban with an email proof asking the length of the ban from Twitch.


Def Noodles Banned From Twitch For Consuming Drugs

On his 27th September stream, Def Noodles was streaming with Mark from LA Trash TV on his ‘DefNoodlesShow’ channel.

In order to guess the taste and flavor of the drugs, he snorted various Poppers during the stream. However, Def Noodles could not foresee the result of his actions at that time. Later, the YouTuber received an email of a ban from Twitch for his misconduct.

After the ban, he shared an email along with the clip from the stream confirming the ban. In the tweet, he also defends himself by saying that poppers are not illegal.

Def Noodles
Def Noodles (Youtube)

T hey are easily available for purchase as he resides in West Hollywood.


“I was just wrongly BANNED on @Twitch again for doing a Poppers taste test with Mark from @LATRASHTV. We were told it was a drug violation. But Poppers are not illegal in California, in fact, they are sold over the counter. And I live in WeHo! @TwitchSupport please help.”

The length of the ban is not defined yet. But it is not the usual length of 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. Hence, Def Noodles is temporarily sanctioned from Twitch without any definite time.

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Drug Use Against Twitch Guidelines

According to Twitch Community guidelines, the use of Drugs falls under the ‘self-destructive’ behavior section prohibiting-

  • Use of hard drugs
  • Misuse of legal substances and substances not fit for human consumption (e.g., prescription drugs, whippets, tide pods, bleach)
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  • Dangerous consumption of alcohol or other substances that lead to being incapacitated

Addressing the claim put forward by the YouTuber, there is no mention of the drugs which are legal in certain areas.

Nonetheless, he has to wait for the removal or completion of the ban to use Twitch for streaming again. Failing so, his reach might stay limited to YouTube and other platforms.

Some Interesting Facts About Def Noodles

Def Noodle’s real name is Dennis Feitosa. His YouTube channel is an ultimate destination if you are craving to watch Internet Drama.

He is quick to cover interesting stories and spice-ups that will sweep the audience off their feet.

He has collected around 546K subscribers on YouTube and 130K followers on Twitter


Def Noodles versus Keemstar was one of the biggest feuds in the YT community.

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