Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion Bringing New Weapon Crafting System

The Witch Queen Expansion of Destiny 2 approaching advancement is bringing a brand new firearm crafting system to the game. Participants or players are very excited about it.

Over the past years, Destiny 2 has noticed a lot of major changes to its firearms. And to mend some of the present conditions, The Witch Queen assures us to come up with a glossy brand new crafting menu.

Though we don’t know how things will going to operate in terms of enhancing your weapons. Bungie has assured participants the capability to “create or find new firearms. And develop them up with personalized stats, perks, and much more.

The idea of enhancing older firearms has had fans of Destiny 2 in excitement. And what began as a bit of advice that Monte Carlo should collect a catalyst. It has since expanded into a web of suggestions regarding the capability of this new system.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 firearm crafting system in The Witch Queen

The suggestion of Monte Carlo- a firearm that collects more harm depending on melee kills- acquiring a genuine melee create isn’t a new one, the weapon was in the real Destiny. Also, followers have been asking for an actual shift for years now. Although, the appeal remains more famous than ever.

One fan advised, an easy way for an upgrade like this to operate: “Make it do 1.5x more damage with powered melee or something…Use the blade and when the powered melee is charged you get a buff to it. Would be awesome.”

While that single concept can be an enthralling one, another user attached to the next weapon crafting system, thinking of a world where the potential of older ones could be utilized in future Disney Exotics: “Imagine being able to build an Exotic Glaive out of repurposed Monte Carlo Parts as a quest.”


The portion that conveys it as a fascinating idea is the problem Bungie has had in maintaining the relevance and usefulness of guns in the game.

From the conversions to sunsetting and restricting older firearm’s strength, to the discard of the Black Armory content. It suddenly appears like this has been a preference aim for the game’s future.

During the time all of the game’s older Exotics have been discharged to the Monuments to Lost Lights. This will add some excitement for participants to spend the time unfasten from that vault.


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