Dream Fans Fainted After The Creator Did A Face Reveal At TwitchCon 2022 San Diego

Minecraft Fame Dream finally did a face reveal and unmasked his identity at Twitch annual convention 2022 San Diego.

According to popular streamer xQc, fans were fainting and panicking after getting a glimpse of their favorite star.

The Minecraft star showed his face to approximately 50 Million fans on October 2. For a whole week and even now, this is the burning topic of discussion on the Internet.


Minecraft Game Fame Dream Did A Face Reveal

Dream is a pro at playing Microsoft’s computer game— Minecraft. His real name is Clay. He is an Ex-Apple employee and quit his job to play video games in front of the screen and create some like them as well.

The 23-year-old streamer started streaming on twitch while playing the game. He explains to the fans the nuances of one of the best-selling games and offers them solutions.

To make his videos more thrilling, he even changes the game’s codes.

Dream’s first public appearance grabbed a lot of eyeballs and his face reveal video was in the running to be the Trending no.1 on the YouTube platform.


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Dream’s Fans Fainted At The Lounge After Seeing Him

As per Twitch streamer xQc, Dream’s fans were fainting after seeing his face. In his 10th October stream, he revealed that a lot of Dream fans were gathering at the lounge to see the creator.

xQc disclosed that he asked the security staff about the chaos regarding the fans. He said-

“I’ m not kidding, he tells me that he was on the mic, because they have a radio, and he says that whenever Dream came out of the room, just because he is passing by, he says that eight people fainted by just looking at him from long-range.”

The star streamer also expressed his astonishment about what transpired at the lounge.

“Apparently their radio was popping off, right, because they were like people are fainting, people are fainting and it was a concern and they had to go deal with it. They passed out man, that’s crazy.”

Dream Also Got Trolled For His Looks

While this was one side of the Internet, Minecraft streamer also received rude comments from the netizens regarding his looks.


After his much-awaited face reveal, a section of people passed harsher comments like ‘he is ugly’ and made it trending on Twitter. This group dismissed Dream as some average-looking guy and tried to bring him down.

However, Dream aka Clay is ignoring the toxicity and is just laughing off at the hate spewed at him. He said-

“When you have 30 million eyeballs on you, a million, two million people are going to be making jokes or be mean or are not great people. When you take that big of a pool, there’s going to be a portion.”

The Minecraft Megastar is celebrating his success and having a great time spending with his friends.

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