Dream is a Freak Trending on Twitter as the YouTuber accused of grooming

Recently a major buzz surrounding Dream, the YouTuber has glanced at the internet and popular hashtags involving his name getting widespread on social media. Let us explore this article to know more details.


What is Dream is a Freak and why is it Trending on Twitter?

Dream is a very well-known Minecraft youtube who has been hiding his face from the world for many years. But serious allegations of grooming led against Dream which made the hashtag ‘Dream is a Freak’ popular on Twitter.

The reveal thus went viral circulated over the internet fastly and also got trending on various social media platforms when a Twitter user publicly accused the content creator of grooming and also shared evidence on his part of the assault.

And thereafter these serious allegations led to a very trending hashtag popular on Twitter nowadays known as ‘Dream is a freak’ which got huge attention from the fans.

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YouTuber Dream accused of grooming minor

Dream, the biggest Minecraft YouTuber accused of grooming a minor. The news came after some days after his famous face reveal.

A Twitter user Anastasia stated that an alleged encounter happened between her and Dream two years ago when she was just 17 years old, a minor and a school-going child.

She also shared screenshots on Twitter for her safety. As per sources, the YouTuber Dream repeatedly used the heart emoji while texting her and also flirted with her.

The streamer is also accused of using a fake account to interact with her. Therefore the allegations and tweets from Anastasia against Dream sparked many users to tweet using the hashtag #dreamisfreak.

The hashtag also led to the rise of several memes floating on Twitter about the Minecraft YouTuber and his actions of abusing a 17-year-old.

Who is Anastasia and What are her claims?

Anastasia is the one who has accused YouTuber Dream of grooming allegations. As because she was 17 at that time, she claimed that he dropped suggestive texts to her via social media. She also added that he had delayed his face reveal due to his apprehension regarding the alleged paedophilia.

She also provided proof of the message where the YouTuber can be seen flirting with her and sending heart emojis.

Whereas, she also added, “If you don’t believe someone but have no proof to prove them wrong then keep it to yourself.”I’m just showing people my truth who may be fans of his unknowing he did things against their morals.”


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