Ghostwire: Tokyo – Mission List, Completion Time, How to Play?

Compared to most other open-world sandbox games, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a very brief experience. It is possible to extend gameplay by completing side missions or trying to locate all of the several collectible sets that are available in the game. Those hoping for a more robust primary narrative, on the other hand, may find themselves better served elsewhere.


Ghostwire: Tokyo – Mission List

Ghostwire: Tokyo is now available for PlayStation 5 and PC, and it’s rich. Fascinating open world for you to explore. Also, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person shooter with an emphasis on action.

Aside from the many activities that you may engage in while playing the game. Tango Gameworks has also put together an engaging tale centered on Akito and his spirit companion KK. We’ve got all the information you need right here. If you’re wondering how long it will take you to complete the game.


Completing the main plot of Ghostwire: Tokyo will take you roughly 12 hours to accomplish. Twelve hours is sufficient time to complete the main objective and a few secondary missions and side quests.

Once you’ve completed the main story, you’ll know precisely what to anticipate from the remaining side content. It will provide you with the motivation to continue playing after the credits have rolled.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo

Completion Time

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s primary plot divides into six chapters, each of which comprises several smaller tasks interspersed through the game. The first chapter acts as a prolonged lesson, but the latter two chapters are far shorter than the others and are considerably more linear in structure.

In addition to unlocking an unorthodox New Game Plus mode, completing them all. It also allows players to continue their gameplay from right before the point of no return in Chapter 4. It is a game-changing feature.

Even though Ghostwire: Tokyo has a New Game Plus mode, some players may find it to be rather disappointing in this regard. There will be no choice for increasing difficulty. Also, players will not be able to carry over their abilities and upgrades from the previous game.


Even if players have to wait until they have reached Chapter 2 for the second time before allow to do anything with their clothes and music tracks. Their previous outfits, emotes, camera filters, and music tracks will retain.

How to Play?

All of the apparel emotes, picture mode effects, and music tracks unlocked in your previous game will be retained (except for some items). In any instance, you will get the Transmission Beads, which will enable you to transfer souls on the spot without the need for a phone booth or any other means of communication.

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