GTA Streamer Lucas ‘Buddha’ Ramos’s Health Update After Brain Surgery

Recently, the Twitch streamer went for brain surgery, and fans want to know Buddha’ health update. Let us explore this article so to get some more significant updates.


Who is GTA Streamer Buddha Ramos?

GTA Streamer Buddha Ramos who is known by his original name Lucas Ramos and popular by his online streaming name alias Buddha is a very popular GTA streamer on Twitch.

Even though he has been on Twitch for a very long time but after streaming GTA RP, he became very popular on the streaming platform.

Initially starting his career playing VR chats and various other role-playing games, he became one of the first streamers to stream and pick up GTA RP.

Therefore throughout his streaming career, his channel became very popular and thus attain greater followers, now he is a very well-known figure in the GTA RP streaming community, with the character that he has developed that is “Long Buddha”.


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GTA Streamer Buddha Ramos undergoes a Brain Surgery

Popular Twitter GTA streamer Buddha Ramos recently undergo brain surgery which shocked fans thereby now they want to know his health update.

The streamer recently went on Twitter and stated that he went for brain surgery, therefore as per reports, he suffered a brain bleed and thus on November 12 that is Saturday he undergo brain surgery.

Therefore, the streamer faced a brain bleed on the left side of his brain thus to stop the bleeding and drain the blood the streamer went for surgery.

Buddha Ramos provides updates on having a brain surgery

Buddha Ramos recently went on Twitter and update his fans about his health for his brain surgery. Thus, he went on discord and update everyone about his health.

Therefore Buddha went on discord and thus stated “Hey guys, don’t feel like typing everything and I’ll explain more in detail. But I’ve been in the hospital all night and apparently I have a brain bleed on the left side of my head and they want to stop the bleeding and drain the blood so I’ll be going into surgery soon.”


Moreover, he stated that the surgery procedure is performed daily to stoping the bleed from the brain, therefore he will have to undergo the surgery daily.

Streamers react to Buddha Ramos’s brain surgery

The streamer’s admission that he had a brain bleed, however, stunned the audience, and many of them wished him a successful operation.

Thereby some commented “Man Buddha just can’t catch a break. Hope everything turns out okay for him”


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