Kareem Hunt Hosts Fortnite Tournament For Kids at University Of Akron

Getting children to have fun and also getting them educated through that is the motive of Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt. Hunt hosted a fortnight tournament for kids at the University of Akron in Ohio.

Kareem Hunt is from Lorain and that’s why he shares a different bond with the children of the country. Hunt hosted the fort tournament in which Denzel Ward participated while Nick Chubb also joined it online.


Kareem Hunt Hosts Fortnight Tournament For Kids

Kareem Hunt started his day at Northeast Ohio’s Desich Family Campus Girls and Boys club. Then, he toured other new sports facilities which were set up for kids.

To clarify, these activities are not just for kids. The Sports center aims at targeting some older children of the Girls and Boys club as well. It provides them with activities that fit their interests and give them greater goals in the long run.

Griffin Crowley said that “it’s so far has been a rousing success and has proven extremely popular with our club members here. It will really be a chance for them to see where they can go if they participate in this program.”

While taking a tour of the Esport facilities in Lorain, Hunt took pictures with kids, played with them, signed his autographs, and made a lot of memories of having fun with them. It is not all he did because there is something more interesting.

Hunt also shared his thoughts and views saying “something I like to do with eSports and stuff like that, video gaming is something I have always grown up liking so just being able to spend the day with these kids and have fun and be somebody they can look up to.”

He added, “I care because I am from Lorain, I was born and raised here and all my family is here. It’s not always easy coming up as a kid so I just like to show them that we can have fun, you can always be positive and grow and learn.”

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Hunt hosts Fortnite tournament at the University of Akron

The tour of the facilities and having fun with kids did not make the end of his day. After hanging out with the kids, Hunt took them to Akron to show what possibilities gaming could bring them.

Hunt hostel the Fortnite tournament at the University of Akron. He divided kids into different teams to compete in rounds of games on Sunday Afternoon.


Playing games and learning with Hunt made all the children so enthusiastic. But it was not all because there were some bigger surprises for them as Denzel Ward ensured his presence and participated in games. 

Kareem Hunt
(Credit: Twitter)

On the other hand, a little later Browns running back Nick Chubb joined them online which was enough to make the children happiest. Chubb’s team went on to win consecutive games that children were grateful to be a part of.

Before the tournament, Kareem Hunt said that “I am a real gamer. On Fortnite I am really a shooter. I don’t do much building. Chubb is really good at it, and so is D’Ernest, they play it all the time.”

This tournament at the University of Akron helped introduce a lot of opportunities that sports can present to them in future life. 


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