kimmikka, A Streamer Gains A Lot of Instagram and TikTok Followers After Getting Banned for Intimate Video

kimmikka has gained a lot of attention recently for her Intimate Video. Since, the intimate video received huge backlash on the internet, it’s very much suspensing to know what exactly happened in the whole situation. Let us explore this article.


Who is Kimmikka?

Kimmikka is a well-known Twitch streamer, who has so far gained a lot of attention after the Intimate Videos which she posted on the social media platform.

The recent incident has made her quickly popularize in the dimensions of social media, thereby she is constantly receiving negative and positive reactions for all of her social media activities.

Kimmikka banned from Twitch after Intimate Video?

As per sources, Twitch Streamer Kimmikka banned from the platform, the reason behind her ban was engaging in se*ual activities while on live stream.

Therefore the streamer has so far received a seven-day ban on Twitch, due to the numerous intimate acts she was involved in.


All goes on August 24, when the streamer started her live stream. While, the stream was going pretty well and fans also did not found anything wrong with it, suddenly they noticed that her expression changed after a few minutes. And therefore the intimate expressions in the video revelead that the streamer involved in a se*ual acts.

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Kimmikka gaining a lot of followers after her ban for the Intimate Video?

While Kimmikka has so far gained a lot of followers after the Intimate Video act, it looks like there are also some positive and some negative downs to it.

While many Twitter users have expressed agitation over the content availability on the Twitch platform. Some are arguing that they needs to strengthen their guidelines about live streams and the content availability.

However, Kimmikka has so far also gained lot of followers on social media, one thing with this drama is sure that even after the Twitch ban, the streamer has been able to gain her following base which is pretty shocking and surprising.

What Community Guidelines does Twitch follow?

Well, the Twitch platform does have some or the other Community Guidelines, which Twitch follow.

According to sources, the platform bans any form of n*dity, se*ual acts, self-destructive behaviors, threats or spreading of any form of misinformation or any other violent act, which can be harmful for the users to consume or even came across.

But with the rise of streamers like Kimmikka who do not respect the guidelines and post whatever they feel is good for their visibility and reach, the strictness towards the community guidelines for the platform’s own sake becomes extremely important.


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