Meaning of ‘Chobblesome’ Explored as Minecraft YouTuber Grian’s The Broken Bridge Airs

Minecraft YouTuber Grian is a member of whitelisted server Hermitcraft when its 6th season began in 2018. As Grian’s The Broken Bridge airs, he invents the term “chobblesome,” whose definition causes eagerness in some of his teammates as well as his supporters.

Let’s explore the meaning of the word ‘Chobblesome’.


Grian, a Minecraft YouTuber

Minecraft YouTuber Grian is a member and supporter of the whitelisted server Hermitcraft. He is with them when its 6th season began in 2018 (July).

Grian introduces the term “chobblesome” in the 14th episode of the 9th installment.  It went out on the web on 23rd June 2022.

Its meaning causes curiosity in some of his teammates as well as his supporters.

There are various Minecraft terminology lists and reference materials publications. It is a result of the game’s ubiquity and appeal amongst individuals of every age group. Let’s see if “chobblesome” is included in any of these, but what does this word mean?

Meaning of ‘Chobblesome’ Explored

As Grian’s The Broken Bridge airs, he invents the term “chobblesome,” whose definition causes eagerness in the fans and supporters.

The adjective “chobblesome,” which has a meaning akin to “noteworthy” or “exceptional,” is defined by him as “something to be positively remarked about.”

He continues by describing how chobby his base is. He then says it to Beef, a colleague Minecraft YouTuber (or VintageBeef).


Discovering it makes Rendog or Ren anxious. He got an instinct without hesitation. It’s a vintage Hermitcraft story.

Credit: YouTube

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Traces of the word ‘Chobblesome’

Several Reddit threads on the term claim that “chobblesome” is currently on both Wikipedia page and Urban Dictionary.

Unfortunately, neither the British Wikipedia nor the Dutch Wikipedia has any entries for the word.

However, it was there for a brief period in Dutch. The first description of the Wikipedia page’s construction by several individuals who left comments on a Reddit discussion on the subject was chobblesome.

Additionally, it is awaiting confirmation on Urban Dictionary. Notably, the Reddit comment announcing the information was taken away from the platform.

 If not permanently – for violating the board’s 7th code, which reads, “Do not spoil Grian’s new videos within the past two days.”

Fans’ Reaction to the word ‘Chobblesome’

“The fact chobblesome is basically a word now is, itself, chobblesome.” A Redditor‘s comment.

“It’s perfect because that’s a term that deserves a word,” another user commented. “And I don’t think one existed before today. That’s some chobblesome news if I ever heard some.”

However, as a third commenter points out, the definition of chobblesome “to be worthy of discussion” is quite similar to the definition of “noteworthy” or “remarkable.”

These terms refer to something that deserves discussion and is worthy of attention or comment. Even so, it managed to catch a fleeting moment.

In the clip, Grian replies, “I love your base.” “It’s very chobblesome.” Impulse says, “I know,” “Thanks.”

How to give a new word an official definition?

The English language is growing day by day. For October 2021, Merriam-Webster contributed 455 new terms to its vocabulary, most of which are thanks to internet forums.


A few are acronyms (like “TBH” or “FTW”); some are variants of earlier phrases (like “because” implying “because of,” as in “the system operates because of scientific knowledge”.)

A few of the latest utterances become foreign words since folks begin to use them frequently, like covid-related phrases (“super-spreader” and “vaccine passport”).

“Just as the language never stops evolving, the dictionary never stops expanding,” Merriam- Webster states. “Our latest list brings together both new and likely familiar words that have shown extensive and established use.”

The need is widespread.  Therefore, greater individuals have to use it more than a lengthier time frame for the definition of “chobblesome” to officially come into existence.

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