Schrondingerlee Face Reveal: Twitch Streamer Reveals Face in 100-hour Subathon Stream

A Twitch Raising Streamer SchrondingerLee reveals his Face During 100- Subathon Stream, after lots of expectation and suspense on the Twitch platform.


Who is SchrondingerLee?

A developing Twitch Streamer who goes by the name Schrondinger Lee is famous for the games he plays on his twitch account.

SchrondingerLee went viral in a short period over the internet with 330k followers on his twitch account. He got the position of streamer after streaming computer games like Valorant, Minecraft, and other horror games.

Schrodinger Lee is Korean- Australian who is in his early 20s with his real name unknown to anyone.

He also has a Youtube channel with 800,000 subscribers named – schrodingerLee.

Schrondingerlee (Credit: Twitch)

His twitter account named – schrondinger scatcat @schrodingerlee

His twitch account named – schrondingerLee

Instagram account named – @schrondingerlee with more than 25,000 followers.

He often posts his screen recordings on his instagram account

SchrondingerLee rank was 2105 last month on his Twitch account.


He plays games on his computer and posts his moves on the accounts. he has also posted Movies like Overwatch 2 and Elden ring on his Twitch account. He has also appeared chatting with his followers.

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Schrondingerlee’ Face Reveal

After the Face Reveal of famous streamers like Ninja, RatedEpicz and the accidental face reveal of TheSkiMaskGril fans were expecting the face reveal of Schrondingerlee.

But after a lot of waiting and suspense Schrondingerlee decided to do Face Reveal during the Live-Stream with a teasing title which goes as “100 Hours, here We Go Face Reveal”.

The stream was on the 4th of September at midnight AEST.

Schrondingerlee revealed his face at the timeline of 44:19:38 and greeted the viewers with a wave and shy smile. The streamer looked nervous and shy revealing his face.

He went like “okay, alright, Oh God. Hey everyone. . . . feel free to call me Lee and nice to meet you all” and started interacting with his viewers.

After a lot of waiting, expectation, and suspense fans went crazy in the chat box unable to hide their excitement.

They then asked him if the streamer will be showing his face in the streams. To which Schrodinger replied he would be doing Face-cam now and then.

After finishing the Stream Schrondinger posted on his twitter with

“rat has finally come out of hiding”

Seeing his face reveal @shoto_apple replied with “faceless no more. damnnn.”

There was also a raise in his followers which went from 330k to 693k in his twitch account


The 100-Hour Stream was for celebrating its First Anniversary with One million Subscribers on Youtube.

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