Soul Hackers 2 Release Date, Pre-Order Bonus & All Editions Details

Sega disclosed more info regarding DLCs for Soul Hackers 2, the series to 1997’s Devil Summoner: Soul Hacker.

Pre-orders for the digital version are accessible now commencing June 9, and stream users will be eligible to pre-order the game on June 10.

There’s also a skulker glance at Dungeon Exploration and boss battles!


Soul Hackers 2 Pre-order Info

Soul Hackers 2 will be accessible in multiple versions, console performers will have a permit to a standard digital version, and a 25th-anniversary version.

The basic edition comprises the base game, while the 25th-anniversary version also arrives with a digital music catalogue, an anniversary book, Mary’s Maid Set DLC, Ai-Ho DLC Demon, and the core game.

Soul Hackers 2
Soul Hackers 2

Steam players on the other hand will have a digital deluxe version and a digital premium version.

The digital deluxe version arrives with bonus money, perfume, and EXP bags, with an extra method called “Lost Numbers” The digital bonus version gives the same compensations, while yet providing six Costumes and BGMs from Atlus’ additional games, a bonus demons bag, Mary’s Maid Set DLC, and the Ai-Ho Bonus demon DLC.


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Soul Hackers 2 DLC Info

Sega has furthermore published news on the forthcoming DLC!

There will be DLCs adding character clothes and BGM tracks from the real Soul Hackers and additional Atlus titles, also awarding and unlocking fusions for powerful demons such as Mara and Masakado.

You can moreover get a quick boost in the game, with DLC loads that provide in-game coins and EXP items. Performers can also buy the extra scenario “Lost Numbers”, which will spotlight characters not present in the base game.

More features will be declared open as the game attains its launch date, and if you’re curious about purchasing these DLCs, there is an All-in-one DLC set that lets you get all of these elements and more at a discounted rate!


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