Summit1g and Pokimane’s Opinion on Twitch Gambling Ban

Twitch is embroiled in yet another controversy regarding gambling streams. Popular streamers Summit1g and Pokimane have contradictory views on the debate.

One proposes a ban and the other claims “its not that easy.” Let’s know the whole mess and clash of opinions.


Summit1g Is Against The Ban on Gambling

Recently, this news broke the Internet and Twitch community entered into a heated debate. Twitch Streamer Sliker has scammed a huge number of people to cash out his gambling addiction.

Moreover, he had failed to repay the money to people on time. The money amounts to thousands of dollars from some people, while tens of thousands from other people. In the discourse, top-ranked streamers have given their two cents.

Popular Streamer Summit1g believes that a complete ban on Gambling is not a practical solution to the colossal mess.

“It’s just not as easy as being like ‘yeah, just ban it!’ That’s all I’m saying.” 

He did not stop here and gave the example of another gaming platform – Poker. Here’s what he said.


“Poker is a whole category, you’ve had broadcasters on the website for years that have played poker. What do you do about poker? Is poker not gambling? You can argue it very much is, whether it has skill involved or not.”

Summit1g even debated that Twitch has allowed it to happen since so long so they can not just scrap it suddenly. As people have earnings built on them.

Summit1g (Credit: Twitch)

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Pokimane Proposes Twitch Ban Gambling Streams

Most Followed Female Twitch creator and Icon— Pokimane proposed a complete ban on Gambling streams on the Amazon-child site. This controversial comment sparked a trail of reactions over the standing of Gambling on the platform.

Many other fellow Twitch creators joined in and backed Pokimane and called for the same. Moreover, Top-ranked Twitch Streamer— Mizkif hopped in with Pokimane and discussed the ways to make the ban happen.

Pokimane tweeted the following immediately after the whole Sliker gambling drama. Till now, the tweet has collected 263k+ likes and 4.9k+ retweets.


“Like if twitch should ban gambling”

Both the creators devised ways to get gambling streams banned from Twitch. These included- giving a joint statement regarding the same to Twitch, if they failed to take action then going on a strike for a week.

xQc and Ludwig Promised To Pay Back To Fans

After Sliker’s money gambling mess, the high-earners have decided to take the matter into their own hands. xQc and Ludwig have promised the Twitch fans to pay the money back. These two were part of the people, Sliker deceived.

xQc too advocated a ban on the gambling streams.

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