TenZ and Kyedae Are Engaged: The Twitch Streamers Revealed 8 Months Later

Kyeda and TenZ kept their engagement a secret for eight months.

Kyeda and TenZ, the Queen and King of the Valorous Streaming World, have been together for the past three years. They got engaged and kept it a secret for over eight months.

The Valorant team has established themselves as leaders in the streaming industry over time and continues to be a fan favorite by constantly participating in each other’s streams and videos.

Both shared the news recently through various social media posts. Fans are overwhelmed by the news and are appreciating the pair who are just 20 and 21 years old. They are expressing their desire to discover love at a young age as well.


Kyedae and TenZ announce their engagement

TenZ is arguably the most well-known Valorant expert in the entire world. He is Canadian and gained notoriety in Counter Strike before switching to Valorant in 2020 and winning the 2021 VCT Masters.

Since then, he has established himself as a significant figure in the Valorant community. He and Kyedae also made their on-screen dating debut that year. The couple took Twitter on Tuesday 16 August to celebrate their three-year anniversary.


On this occasion, they shared important news with their fans. TenZ said that the couple had been engaged for eight months, but chose to withhold the news from the public.

Tenz in the caption wrote, ” “Happy 3-year anniversary to the love of my life. It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re enjoying life” He shared two photos from their engagement on the beach.
Below that the caption stated, “Btw we have been engaged 8 months but have kept it a secret until now.”

“WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!” Kyedae wrote alongside another image she posted from the photoshoot. Also shared a message saying, “To forever with you, my love. I couldn’t be happier to grow old with my favorite human being.”

She also thanked the photographers for making the moment so simple and not embarrassing.

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Fan congratulate the couple

Despite being members of various sporting organizations, Kyedae and TenZ have worked closely together both formally and informally. The couple routinely interacts on stream, and their onscreen chemistry and amusing conversations have helped them build a sizable fan base.

Fans took Twitter to congratulate the couple. TenZ and Kyedae make me so joyful, one person wrote.

“I really want a love like Kyedae and TenZ”, a third person chimed in.

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