Twitch Star Alinity Says That She Does Want to Have A Baby for Content

On the Mizkif live, the Twitch ‘Alinity’ star joked about being pregnant but claimed the whole situation would be a goldmine for future material if it actually did happen.

Although she’s most recognized for her variety shows and amusing encounters with other celebrities, she’s considering launching a sort of family channel.

Alinity playfully claimed she was pregnant during a co-stream with popular streamer Mizkif, almost deceiving the influencers, her pals, and the complete conversation. She wrecked the internet by announcing she was expecting a child. Alinity stunned Twitch by revealing that she is expecting a child.


About Alinity’s Life

Alinity studied medicine at Columbia University and disliked it. She then married a Canadian, relocated to Canada, and divorced her husband.

Alinity was born in Cali, Colombia, on the 10th of January 1988. She was battling anorexia, depression, bulimia, and bipolar illness, as well as a variety of other mental health issues. But she had lately learned from a nursing school that she should avoid going out in public as she used to.
She felt she had discovered a purpose in life when she stumbled onto a website called twitch, where she could defraud virgins using their parents’ credit cards and so on.


Then she became a streamer who works full time

Alinity realized her contemn was violating the Terms of Service, so she formed an alliance with Hasan, a prominent twitch staff member. From there, Hasan became salinity to other twitch staff, strengthening her alliance. In which she would provide favors for twitch staff in exchange for complete immunity from Terms of Service. Once she had a war with PewDiePie which ended in a stalemate and still obtained the immunity. Later she did continue to have certain conflicts too.

Okay, that’s enough of her background and history. Now let us get into the real hot topic.

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Alinity surprises Twitch by revealing she’s expecting a child.

Initially, Alinity claimed that she was questioned whether she was pregnant on the internet, causing her to respond, “Actually, yes.”

“I’m not sure whether you’re trolling,” a surprised Mizkif replied.

After another round of back-and-forth. Alinity told the Twitch chat to “stop bothering who the father is because I honestly don’t know who the father is,” and then added that she could “create even more material!” I’ve identified at least six persons that I believe may be involved.”

Before Mizkif asked her to pinky promise that she wasn’t trolling. The streamer joked that she could “create up an entire season” of material, and Alinity dropped the act.

“I’m just spoofing,” she said, eliciting a raucous response from the Twitch chat.

Although the whole thing was a prank. Alinity says she still hopes to have a child in the first place (with the chance of generating huge content, obviously).

The internet was undoubtedly thrown for just a twist by Alinity’s hoax… However, there’s no doubting that her scheme would result in years of crazy Twitch

Image: Alinity (Credit: alinitydivine)

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