Twitch Streamer aielieen1 Banned: Here’s The Reason Why

Twitch platform is always in the news regarding streaming videos, the constant irregular streaming puts this platform in big danger. Let us explore this article about aielieen1 so to learn some more information.


Who is aielieen1?

A new streamer on the Twitch platform named aielieen1 has now received a ban from Twitch. The incredibly offensive behaviour of some of the streamers is the cause.

She is recently in news for doing an extremely impolite activity during her Twitch live stream.

The fact that Twitter had this very not-so-good free streaming opportunity in which each and everyone can stream has so far put this app into a huge question.

Twitch Streamer aielieen1 banned from the platform

Twitch is always in news for banning their streaming creators but that too for not a good reason. Recently, Twitch streamer aielieen1 shocked the whole community during a live stream on her channel on 3rd November 2022.


The reason behind her ban was that she took on the Twitch platform and thus shocked the whole online community after masturbating naked and showing up in front of 5k viewers.

She in the live stream started to pleasure herself by using some tools which immediately grabbed the attention of thousands of viewers who were watching that live stream.

But after gaining some more viewers on her channel and on her stream due to the sexual content, the platform Twitch immediately banned her thereby removing any more or other explicit videos from her content.

However, since she violated the community guidelines of the Twitch platform, it is now still for some sort uncertain whether the ban on her channel is permanent or temporary.

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Why do constant bans happen on the Twitch platform?

Well, the Twitch platform has given very free independence for streamers to stream any kind of content, and the fact that this is even more exceeding is something which no doubt puts greater questions on the streaming platform.

There are other streams whose material led to platform bans in addition to aielieen1. And speaking of aielieen1, given the limited time she has spent on the site since her entrance, she might not be shocked or heartbroken by her Twitch ban. The Twitch streamer initially created the channel on 3rd November 2022.


Not only this, but a few months ago streamer Kimmikka also engaged in a sexual act while live streaming on the Twitch platform. The result was that she got banned from the platform.

Therefore, Twitch should adjust its relatively simple live streaming rules since it puts people at risk of dealing with obscene and sexual content. The necessity to stream on the platform is Twitch’s major constraint.


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