Twitch Streamer HasanAbi blames The YouTube’s ‘Chat Culture’ for not switching to YouTube

The political commentator turned Twitch steamer, HasanAbi says that there is no chance of him switching from Twitch to YouTube. He said that YouTube’s functionality is not there yet and that makes it a worse experience for viewers overall. He has blamed the ‘Chat Culture’ of Youtube and has given the view that moderation is worse too with no sense of community.


Who is HasanAbi?

Hasan Dogan Piker, popularly known as HasanAbi is a Twitch streamer. He was born on July 25, 1991 in New Jersey, U.S. Hasan has around 54,000 active Twitch subscribers and is currently in the top five of the most subscribed channels on Twitch.

The streamer has previously worked as a producer and broadcast journalist at The Young Turks. He has also worked as a columnist at the HuffPost. HasanAbi is also a left-wing political commentator. He is presently one of the most viewed streamers on Twitch.

HasanAbi started live streaming on Twitch in the year 2018. He has played famous games like Fortnite, Rust, Grand Theft Auto 5 , Call of Duty and many more. He collaborates with other streamers on Twitch too.

HasanAbi (Credit: Twitch)

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An announcement by HasanAbi regarding switching from Twitch to YouTube

On October 31, 2022, Hasan was questioned by a viewer during the stream if there was a chance of him switching from Twitch to Youtube. The streamer has given the reply that there is no chance that he will go to YouTube. He said that Youtube’s community functionality was still not there. This makes it a rather worse experience.

Ludwig who has switched to Youtube in November 2021 had also made a comparative analysis of streaming on Twitch and Youtube. He is of the opinion that the functionality of streaming on the platform of YouTube is lacking. He enjoys the freedom given to him by Youtube for making more extravagant content on the platform.


HasanAbi has blamed the ‘chat culture’ of youtube for not switching platforms. He said that the moderation also makes it worse. The streamer is of the opinion that there is nothing in Youtube. He said that his switch from Twitch to Youtube is not happening anytime soon . But these cards not not completely off the table. He stated that he would experiment only if the Chat Culture of Youtube became better.

Hasan said that he is happy where he is currently. He thinks that his fans will be happier there also. Even Ludwig has advised streamers not to swap platforms unless they receive a huge bag to entice them.

Reaction of fans to streamer’s views

Hasan is of the view that the community features of Youtube were certainly inferior to its competitors. Several viewers in the Twitch stream agreed with the streamer. One of the viewers claimed that Youtube Gaming chat was ‘nothing but bots’.


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