Twitch Streamer Pokimane Talks about “Scary” Stalker in An Interview

Pokimane is the female streamer with the most followers on Twitch; nevertheless, being an online celebrity comes with some pretty significant negatives, as she mentioned in an interview with Anthony Padilla. Pokimane is the most followed female streamer on Twitch. Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one of the most well-known women on Twitch, and she is only one of two women to make it into the Top 20 list of most followed broadcasters on the platform. The streamer just achieved 9 million followers on the site. After recently renewing her broadcasting arrangement with Twitch earlier this year, she continues to expand, having an exclusive streaming partnership with the purple platform.


Twitch Streamer Pokimane Talks about “Scary” Stalker

Pokimane has experienced anything similar to this in the past. She described a horrifying incident during a recent interview with Anthony Padilla. A stalker discovered her home location and traveled to California to meet her.

“There was this man who came up in our area and was roaming around seeking for us,” she said when she was about it. “He was walking around looking for us.” “She encountered my roommate, and he greeted her by saying, ‘Oh, I know you. You are required to drive me to Poki. They were destined to be together. I made my way here because of her.'”

Pokimane and Anthony Padilla Interview
Image: Pokimane and Anthony Padilla Interview (From: AnthonyPadilla
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Poki’s luck improved when her roommate informed her of the precarious position, and she could secure all of the entrances. Despite this, she continued to stay up all long night broadcasting because she was terrified that anything might occur to him.

“I thought, even if this man finds me and tries to do anything horrible to me, at least others would be able to witness what happens since I’ll be streaming it,” she said.

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Pokimane’s opinion on stalking streamers

In addition to this, Pokimane said that she would not own a house because of the worry that her address would become public knowledge. Instead, she prefers to shift quickly from one rental agreement to the next if she has to relocate soon.

She also has three phone numbers due to the frequency with which her number was compromised. Resulting in some very unsettling messages being there to her.

She said, “I’ve gotten a lot of creepy messages recently.” “If someone discovers your number and they say anything along the lines of, ‘We’re going to send someone out to SA you, to do this. To do that,’ I’m going to track down your loved ones.'”

Pokimane asserts that she does not buy a home even at the height of her celebrity because she is afraid that her address will become public knowledge.


Pokimane is not the only female streamer to have dealt with a stalker; streamers like Amouranth, Sweet Anita, and Brooke. And others have been open about harassment and threats toward their family for some time. Calling for change on multiple online platforms. Pokimane is one of the few streamers who has spoken out publicly about her experience with a stalker.

Image: Pokimane (Instagram: pokimanelol)

Twitch Streamer Pokimane

Imane Anys, often known on the internet by her alias Pokimane, is a Canadian who was born in Morocco. At this time, her Twitch channel has the most followers of any woman’s channel. Her live streams on Twitch, in which she broadcasts video game material, most notably in League of Legends and Fortnite. Are primarily responsible for her widespread notoriety. She is a content developer and a member of the online social entertainment organization OfflineTV, which she helped start.

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