Twitch Streamer toxxxicsupport Alleges Being Blackmailed By Fellow Streamer JustaMinx

Twitch streamer Toxxxicsupport, also known as Angel, alleges that fellow female Twitch Star JustaMinx blackmailed her at the Twitch-con party.

In her TwitLonger post titled, “my experiences with Minx and the streaming community”, she made some shocking revelations. She accused JustaMinx of blackmailing and manipulating her into baring it all in a game.


Toxxxicsupport Attended a Twitch-con Party

On 21st September, Twitch Star shared her uncomfortable experience with the world. She wrote that she attended a party hosted by JustaMinx aka Rebecca. At the party, she partook in a drinking game but things took an uncomfortable turn.

The game was as such that every time someone messed up they had to consume an entire cup of vodka or discard a piece of clothing, they are wearing.

Toxxxicsupport claims when she ended up in her bra and innerwear, she wanted to stop. But other streamers pressurized her to expose herself.


This incident was extremely uncomfortable and put her in sexual trauma. Later, Toxxxicsupport shared this story with fellow Twitch star JustaMinx who was understanding in the beginning. But after a few hours, she took back the support and became cold.

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Toxxxicsupport Accused JustaMinx of Blackmailing

JustaMinx retracted her support and said that publicizing the s tory will tarnish the careers of the Twitch stars.


After this, she texted Toxxxicsupport that she is not allowed to leave. Angel said-

A few hours later, out of nowhere, she texted me and told me I’m not allowed to go back to that Airbnb and she didn’t want to talk to me.

Toxxxicsupport alleges that she blackmailed her into being shushed about the incident. She was manipulated to remain silent and give in to peer pressure.

There are evidences against JustaMinx in the form of screenshots of their conversations.


JustaMinx Issues A Health Clarification

For a good 3 days, JustaMinx was silent but has finally decided to comment.

The message shares an update about her health which doesn’t seem to be good. She is not healthy and needs rest so she will not return to the Internet as of now.

“Minx has decided to get help and has not been on the internet since Tuesday afternoon. She will not be returning to the internet for a few days and does not have access to her phone. We know there is a lot going on, but please be patient until she is able to return and speak for herself.”

Therefore, until her health gets better, we have to wait for clarification. Twitch Controversies are cropping up a lot these days!

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