Watch: Twitch streamer AriaSaki’s Instantly Regret Moment When She Kissed a Viewer for Channel Points Reward

Twitch streamer AriaSaki is very much in news after a recent incident which happened with her on the platform, and fans are wondering the extent to which the streamers had to go down. Let us explore this article so to get some insights.


Who is AriaSaki, the Twitch Streamer?

AriaSaki is a Twitch sensation, YouTube Content Creator and Video Gamer. She is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Being the top game player who is famous for playing the League of Legends.

She has a lot of followers on the Twitch platform, with also on multiple social media sites.

known for playing the biggest and the greatest games of all time by streaming video games with also interacting with audiences.

She is also interested in anime and her interest exceeded very much after her parents brought her Nintendo. Due to this, she developed a greater interest in gaming and anime.


Apart from anime and gaming, she was also very much interested in sports such as volleyball and soccer during her school days.

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AriaSaki Kisses a Viewer for Channel Points

Twitch is a platform which is dynamic in itself, on the platform streamers have the ability to add rewards through channel points.

And during a recent event, Twitch streamer and content creator AriaSaki faced the situation, where she had no idea that she would ever get that challenge in her life.

In the middle of the stream, a viewer redeemed a kiss from the streamer for which she had no idea. While in complete shock, she said “You redeemed a kiss through the camera?!” “I had a reward like that? Bruh.”

Since she is the woman of her own words, she agreed to the kiss, she kissed the camera but somehow regretted doing that by making a complete mess.

Did She regret Kissing for channel points?

Well, most of the twitch streamers do, they regret facing a dangerous challenge, but AriaSaki also regrets kissing for a channel point.


While she was in the process of kissing the camera via completing the challenge, she spilled her water all over her set-up, she, therefore, panicked by stating “Oh my God, I spilled my water,” the streamer panicked. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!”

AriaSaki (Instagram/ariasaki)

Luckily no damage happened to her set-up, but she make sure that she completed the demand made by the viewer.

She stated “I need to take off that reward. That was weird. That was strange. I didn’t even know that was a thing!”


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